This year's UEFA Euro 2016 is over and besides a couple of negative headlines there has been a very positive surprise as well – *the Iceland national football team*. Let's draw their national flag.


Well, obviously this challenge has no input.


- Draw the flag of Iceland in any applicable visual format of *at least 100 x 72 pixels* or *25 x 18 characters*.
- Save the output to a file or present it instantly – example formats are: images like png, jpg etc., vector graphics, draw on HTML canvas or even use non-whitespace characters for visualization.
- [Use these colors]( *blue*: `#0048e0`, *white*: `#ffffff` and *red*: `#d72828`.
- If your language doesn't support specific color values, use the standard values for *red*, *blue* and *white* from the [ANSI color codes](
- Draw the flag with the correct proportions, as shown in the figure below:<br><br> <img src="">


- You can write a program or a function. If it is an anonymous function, please include an example of how to invoke it.
- This is [tag:code-golf] so shortest answer in bytes wins.
- Standard loopholes are disallowed.


<sup>This challenge is inspired by [Draw the national flag of france](</sup>