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3 of 5 added 372 characters in body

Gol><>, 36 bytes

"r2ss6&56F:M}R` &:P&Fo|ao{|;what????

This one's code is smaller, but it still comes out to the same amount sadly, the comment takes up the remainder of the space.

Try it online!

slightly younger version, 36 bytes

"r2ss156F:M}F` o|:PP}Fo|ao{{|;Wowza!

Wowza! Heh, I just used that to fill some space, but the program works, to golf down, I used a few prepushed values rather than using variables!

Try it online!

Older version, 42 bytes

"r2ss0V_~6:&F&:M&F` o|_PPV_Fo|ao|;empty...

This has a trailing newline, and has more chars than i would like...

I'm going to be golfing this severely...

Try it online!