3 of 3 ⍋∘⍋ ≢ ⍋

APL (Dyalog Unicode), 18 17 bytes

1 byte saved thanks to @Adám for using ⍤1 instead of ∘↑(...)¨ and by changing the input format from a nested array to a matrix


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Takes the input as a matrix of chars as the right argument, where each version string is on its own row. Outputs ¯1 1, 0 0, 1 ¯1 for <, =, > respectively.

(⍎¨∊∘⎕D⊆⊢)⍤1 on each row

  • ∊∘⎕D⊆⊢ group all occurrences of digits, that is, split on .

  • ⍎¨ and convert each of these occurrences to a number

convert to a matrix, where the first input is on the top row and the second one in the bottom, padding with 0s where necessary

(⍋-⍒) and

  • - subtract
    • the indices into the rows which would sort them in descending order
    • same as the top but for ascending order