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Haskell, 109 bytes

n 'n'=15;n '='=14;n ' '=14;n ';'=13;n '\\'=3;n '\''=25;n '0'=2;n '1'=5;n '2'=4;n '3'=4;n '4'=5;n '5'=5;n n3=0

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Haskell, 122 bytes

n 'n'=21
n '='=14
n ' '=14
n '\n'=12
n '\\'=4
n '\''=32
n '0'=2
n '1'=5
n '2'=5
n '3'=3
n '4'=5
n '5'=5
n nnnnnn4'''''''=0

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These answers are not terribly sophisticated. It is a series of declarations ending in a catch all that returns 0. I just set up the map and fiddled with the numbers until I got a fixed point.