##x86 machine code for PC (e.g. MS-DOS COM file), 27 bytes

This machine code (displayed here with a Unicode rendering of the usual CP437 of PC BIOS) will blink the CAPS LOCK indicator forever on a PC:


The code has been made so it contains no NULL bytes, and can thus be typed with the keyboard (using the Alt+XXX trick for extended characters) to create a COM file (e.g., using the `COPY CON blink.com` command under MS-DOS, in which case the output file will have to contain a spurious 28<sup>th</sup> byte, the `^Z` (EOF) character required to stop the copy operation).

The effect is achieved by directly sending commands to the keyboard controller of the PC (port 60h) to set the LED state (as a side-effect, it might set Num Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs to a random non-blinking state). The timing, to minimize the number of instructions, is achieved by using the countdown timer maintained by the BIOS at address `0040:0040` (it decrements every 54.925 ms, with 9 cycles the blinking cycle is 494.3 ms, which is within the allowed margin) — this counter is normally used by the BIOS to stop the floppy disk motor; as the floppy drive is not used by the program and the code is assumed to run in a single-task environment (e.g. DOS), playing with the floppy motor timer is not an issue.

The code runs fine under MS-DOS (tried with VirtualBox, it should also run fine on real hardware, although I didn't have the time yet to make a bootable MS-DOS USB stick to test). As it doesn't rely on any OS functions, it can even run without the operating system (e.g., by placing it in the boot sector of a disk). It requires at least a 80186 processor to run, because of the "immediate push" instructions used to shorten the code of some bytes.

Assembly source code:

      PUSH 0x40               ; pushes 0x0040 (BIOS data segment) on the stack
      POP DS                  ; pops it into DS segment selector
      MOV SI, DS              ; copies DS to SI (timer counter is nicely placed at 40:40)
      PUSH 0x60               ; pushes 0x0060 (kbd controller port) on the stack
      POP DX                  ; pops it to DX
      MOV AL, 0xED            ; 8042 keyboard controller 'set mode indicators' command
      OUT DX, AL              ; outputs the command to the keyboard contr oller
      MOV AL, BL              ; copy BL register to AL
      OUT DX, AL              ; outputs LED state to keyboard controller
      XOR BL, 4               ; toggles bit 2 (CAPS LOCK) for next iteration
      MOV BYTE PTR[SI], 0x0A  ; sets floppy motor countdown timer to 10
      CMP BYTE PTR[SI], 0x01  ; checks if timer reached 1
      JE loop                 ; if yes, time for next iteration
      JMP wait                ; if not, checks again

Hexadecimal dump of the assembled code:

    6A 40 1F 8C DE 6A 60 5A B0 ED EE 88 D8 EE 80 F3 04 C6 04 0A 80 3C 01 74 EF EB F9

Footage of blinking LED will be posted later.