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Binary to decimal converter

Binary to decimal converter As far as I can see, we don't have a simple binary to decimal conversion challenge. Write a program or function that takes a positive binary integer and outputs its ...
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45 votes
21 answers

One Ring to rule them all. One String to contain them all

Objectives: Output a String which contains every positive integer strictly below 1000. The obvious answer would be to concatenate every one of them, and that would create a String of 2890 characters (...
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37 votes
61 answers

Sum of primes between given range

Write the shortest code for finding the sum of primes between \$a\$ and \$b\$ (inclusive). Input \$a\$ and \$b\$ can be taken from command line or stdin (space seperated) Assume \$1 \le a \le b \le ...
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43 answers

Numbers with Rotational Symmetry

Given an integer, output a truthy value if it is the same upside-down (rotated 180°) or a falsy value otherwise. 0, 1, and ...
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35 votes
20 answers

Balanced Ternary Converter

Credits for the challenge idea go to @AndrewPiliser. His original proposal in the sandbox was abandoned and since he has not been active here for several months, I have taken over the challenge. ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Gotta Match Them All! Write a regex to match the original 151 Pokemon but no subsequent Pokemon

The original 151 Pokemon, in an array format suitable for initializers: ...
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28 votes
47 answers

Shortest power set implementation

Problem definition Print out the powerset of a given set. For example: [1, 2, 3] => [[], [1], [2], [3], [1, 2], [1, 3], [2, 3], [1, 2, 3]] Each element is to ...
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26 votes
66 answers

Display number of occurrences for every character in an input string

The code should take a string as input from keyboard: The definition of insanity is quoting the same phrase again and again and not expect despair. The output ...
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26 votes
8 answers

All your bijective base are belong to us

Background A bijective base b numeration, where b is a positive integer, is a bijective positional notation that makes use of b symbols with associated values of 1 to b. Unlike its non-bijective ...
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26 votes
24 answers

Case Permutation

Who needs to compare things case insensitively when you're able to generate every permutation of uppercase and lowercase? No one! That's the answer. No one does. Your task is to achieve this feat; ...
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26 votes
31 answers

Different Way Forward

Given a list of integers produce a Forward Difference at a specified order/depth. For the list of integers: (10, 18, -12, 4, 8, -3, -5, 67, 9, 14) The Forward ...
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25 votes
12 answers

Tips for golfing in Kotlin

Given Google's recent announcement of official Kotlin support for Android development, I thought it might be timely to poll the community for some awesome golfing tips for this relatively new JVM ...
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18 votes
16 answers

Tips for Golfing in Vyxal

Vyxal is a golfing language that has 500+ different commands (achieved through overloads), and is a known beater of Jelly, 05AB1E and most golfing languages. Henceforth, it seems like a good idea to ...
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17 votes
34 answers

Spell out the Revu'a

Actually not inspired neither by Atbash Self Palindromes nor by Generalized Gematria Calculator. Given a string s of length n, output the Revu'a sequence, which is the first character of s, the first ...
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14 votes
49 answers

Sum of positive integers. [closed]

Problem: Given a set of integers, find the sum of all positive integers in it. Input: t – number of test cases [t < 1000] On each of next t lines, an integer N [-1000 ≤ N ≤ 1000] Output The ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Words from periodic table of elements [closed]

Back when I was a freshman in highschool taking chemistry, I'd look at the periodic table of elements and spell dirty words out with the number of the elements (HeCK would be 2619, 2-6-19). I was ...
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235 votes
184 answers

Evolution of "Hello World!"

This contest is officially over, the winner is jimmy23013. Congratulations! The challenge is to make a program that prints Hello World! to stdout. The catch is that ...
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182 votes
29 answers

Do you want to code a snowman?

Here is a simple ASCII art snowman: _===_ (.,.) ( : ) ( : ) Let's make him some friends. This will be the general pattern for our ASCII art snowpeople: ...
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169 votes
73 answers

How high can you count?

Challenge: Your task is to write as many programs / functions / snippets as you can, where each one outputs / prints / returns an integer. The first program must output the integer ...
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125 votes
134 answers

Make an error quine!

Your challenge: write a "program", for a language of your choice, that causes the compiler/interpreter/runtime to produce error output when compiling/running your program which is identical to your ...
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123 votes
95 answers

ASCII's 95 Characters...95 Movie Quotes

Update: The winner has been decided, but the challenge is not over! Finally, nearly 3 months after the question first started, someone has remained the last answerer for more than a week! ...
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96 votes
52 answers

In Honor of Adam West

Adam West passed away, and I'd like to honor his memory here on PPCG, though I doubt he knew of our existence. While there are many, many different things that this man is known for, none are more ...
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78 votes
43 answers

Stack Exchange Vote Simulator

Write a program or function that takes in a string only containing the characters ^ and v (you can assume there will be no other ...
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73 votes
211 answers

The Programming Language Quiz, Mark II - Cops

A repost of this challenge. Meta discussion. Sandbox post. Body of the question similar to the original Robber's challenge This cops and robbers is now (08/03/2018) closed to further competing cop ...
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71 votes
17 answers

Write a polyglot that prints the language's name

Your task is to write a program that executes in as many languages as possible, with as few characters as you can. To avoid trivial solutions, the program must print the name of the language it was ...
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65 votes
44 answers

Print the N-bonacci sequence

This isn't very widely known, but what we call the Fibonacci sequence, AKA 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34... is actually called the Duonacci sequence. This is ...
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59 votes
19 answers

Biggest Irreducible Hello World

Create a program that outputs Hello, World! The winner is the source code that is the biggest, subject to the constraint that it is irreducible For this challenge,...
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55 votes
82 answers

Play the "bzzt" game

Winner: Aditsu's CJam answer! A whopping 25 bytes! Nice! You may continue to submit your answer, however you can no longer win. Original post kept for posterity: The "Bzzt" game is a game ...
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51 votes
11 answers

Build a random number generator that passes the Diehard tests

While there are many code golf questions on here involving randomness, I haven't seen one yet that actually asks for building an algorithmic pseudorandom number generator. There's this one that asks ...
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50 votes
48 answers

Reverse Polish notation

You must evaluate a string written in Reverse Polish notation and output the result. The program must accept an input and return the output. For programming languages that do not have functions to ...
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50 votes
24 answers

Minecraft Mirrored

This is Calvin. Just trying to get 20 rep so this user can chat in the PPCG Minecraft Server chatroom. Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer. If the integer is even (2, 4, 6, ....
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49 votes
32 answers

Very Simple Triangles

Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer (via stdin, command line, or function arg) and prints or returns a string of that many of these small triangles tiled together, alternating ...
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49 votes
97 answers

Division and remainder

This challenge, while probably trivial in most "standard" languages, is addressed to those languages which are so esoteric, low-level, and/or difficult to use that are very rarely seen on this site. ...
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48 votes
16 answers

Zigzagify a Matrix

As part of its compression algorithm, the JPEG standard unrolls a matrix into a vector along antidiagonals of alternating direction: Your task is to take a matrix (not necessarily square) and return ...
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47 votes
148 answers

Full Width Text

Full width text is text that has a space after every character, including the last one. For instance, the first sentence of this question becomes: ...
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41 votes
26 answers

Tips for golfing in Rust

While Rust is very, very rarely competitive in code golfing competitions (Java is often shorter), it can still be fun to golf in. What are some tricks for making Rust code shorter? Please post only ...
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39 votes
3 answers

Tiny Lisp, tiny interpreter

Lisp programmers boast that Lisp is a powerful language which can be built up from a very small set of primitive operations. Let's put that idea into practice by golfing an interpreter for a dialect ...
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37 votes
39 answers

Determinant of an Integer Matrix

Given a square integer matrix as input, output the determinant of the matrix. Rules You may assume that all elements in the matrix, the determinant of the matrix, and the total number of elements in ...
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36 votes
21 answers

Write a Polyquine

A polyquine is both quine and polyglot.1 You are to write a quine which is valid in at least two different languages. This is code golf, so the shortest answer (in bytes) wins. 1 I made that up. Or ...
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35 votes
8 answers

Self-Interpreting Interpreter

Based on a comment by George Edison to this question, write the smallest self-interpreting interpreter. You may use the language of your choosing. Empty languages do not count. Your program must be ...
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35 votes
47 answers

Calculate the prime factors

We had a prime factorization challenge a while ago, but that challenge is nearly six years old and barely meets our current requirements, so I believe it's time for a new one. Challenge Write a ...
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35 votes
44 answers

Calculate Euler's totient function

Background Euler's totient function φ(n) is defined as the number of whole numbers less than or equal to n that are relatively ...
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35 votes
50 answers

Will Jimmy fall off his platform?

Backstory Meet my friend Jimmy: /o\ Jimmy is a little character who likes to stand on platforms. Here's Jimmy safely standing on a platform: ...
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32 votes
47 answers

Implement hyperexponentiation/tetration without the use of '^' [closed]

The Challenge Implement tetration (aka Power Tower or Hyperexponentiation) with the least amount of characters. The Conditions Don't use the 'power' operator or its equivalents (such as ...
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32 votes
77 answers

Count the number of ones in an unsigned 16-bit integer

Write some statement(s) which will count the number of ones in an unsigned sixteen-bit integer. For example, if the input is 1337, then the result is ...
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30 votes
4 answers

Create a rotating quine

A rotation of a string is made by splitting a string into two pieces and reversing their order, for example "world!Hello, " is a rotation of ...
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29 votes
8 answers

Are you in the biggest room?

Introduction You have recently accepted a job offer at a Pretty Good Software Company. You're pretty content with the size of your office, but do you have the biggest office? Its kinda hard to tell ...
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28 votes
5 answers

Advanced Calculator

You must write a program that evaluates a string that would be entered into an advanced calculator. The program must accept input using stdin and output the correct answer. For languages that do no ...
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27 votes
17 answers

Transform number into 7-segment display pattern [closed]

Given two arbitrary numbers A,B. Print number B as a Digital LED Pattern where A is the scale. input: 1 2320451640799518 ouput: ...
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26 votes
6 answers

The Coin Problem

Background The official currency of the imaginary nation of Golfenistan is the foo, and there are only three kinds of coins in circulation: 3 foos, 7 foos and 8 foos. One can see that it's not ...
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