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This challenge is related to the x86 family of instruction set architectures. Note that challenges that require the answers to be in a specific language are generally discouraged.

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24 answers

8086 Segment Address to Linear

Given an 8086 segmented ("logical") memory address, output its actual linear physical address. A segmented memory address has format xxxx:xxxx, where each ...
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fastest matrix multiplication on x86

This challenge requires integration with C, so you can stop reading if you're not interested. Matrix multiplication is a simple operation, but the performance depends a lot on how efficiently the code ...
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Red screen in FIVE bytes or less (msdos)

Your program is supposed to create a full red screen in MSDOS. The source of the binary (.com file) must be 5 bytes or less. No wild assumptions, the binary must work in MsDos, DosBox, and FreeDos ...
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9 answers

Is the program 32 or 64 bits?

Assignment is simple to explain: write the shortest code you need to determine whether an executable binary program supplied as parameter is 32 or 64 bits. If there is a different kind of bitness, ...
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35 answers

Tips for golfing in x86/x64 machine code

I noticed that there's no such question, so here it is: Do you have general tips for golfing in x86/x64 machine code? If the tip only applies to a certain environment or calling convention, please ...
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Bootloader golf: Brainf***

Create a bootloader that executes given Brainfuck program. This is code-golf, so the program with least bytes wins. Being a bootloader, the size of the program is counted in non-zero bytes in the ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Build the busiest beaver in x86 machine code in 32 bytes or less

Your task is to write a program in x86 machine language (any version you like) that will run through as many instructions as possible and then halt, using a maximum of 32 bytes of code and starting ...
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Branch differently in x86 / x86-64 using only printable visible ASCII characters in the machine code

The task is simple: write a program that branches differently in x86 (32-bit) and x86-64 (64-bit) using only printable visible ASCII characters 0x21...0x7e (space and del are not allowed) in the ...
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