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This challenge is related to the Whitespace language. Note that challenges that require the answers to be in a specific language are generally discouraged.

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24 votes
3 answers

Write a Whitespace Interpreter

Challenge: Your challenge is to write an interpreter for Whitespace. Given a string consisting of spaces, tabs, newlines, and potentially other characters, as well as possible inputs for the ...
20 votes
1 answer

Golf you a Double Quine for greater good!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. Tonight - we have a code challenge. A competition that will be defined not in the amount of points (a la Asteroids) but simply whether you can finish it (a la ...
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17 votes
8 answers

Tips for golfing in Whitespace

What general tips do you have for golfing in Whitespace? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least somewhat specific to Whitespace (e.g. "remove ...
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