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Hiding data inside another file - often an image.

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Hide a message in an image - Robbers

Choose a challenge from the Cops thread, determine the third hidden message, and describe how the system works. Keep in mind limitations and possibilities available to Cops: You are not expected to ...
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Hide a message in an image - Cops

Robbers thread Your task is to create a method for hiding information in an image. You will post three encoded messages of your choice (keep them classy), each with its associated image. Reveal the ...
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Doubled-letter steganography

Steganography hides a given message inside a given carrier, producing a package that does not look suspicious. For this challenge, you will write a program that takes an ASCII message and an ASCII ...
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Braincopterify an image

Introduction Braincopter is an esoteric Brainf*** derivative that encodes a Brainf*** program as an image. As a 2D language, it uses two additional commands; they rotate the instruction pointer (...
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Bacon's cipher: An Intro to Steganography

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy wrote some code... Ah wait, we're not talking about that bacon, we're talking about Sir Francis Bacon! Specifically, the cipher Bacon devised in ...
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Encode a steganographic encoder into a package [closed]

Introduction By steganography we mean hiding a message along an existing text or image so the result would be unsuspicious of the existence of the original message. This challenge is about hiding ...
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Hiding information in Cats

You are a secret agent trying to communicate with your fatherland. Of course the information needs to be hidden so no one eaves drops your message. What would be better suited than a cat? Everyone ...
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