Questions tagged [self-scoring]

A challenge where the scoring mechanism and the task required are the same. This means that if you pass your program to itself as input it should give you its score.

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23 votes
36 answers

Count /[^a-z]/ig with /[a-z]/ig

Write a program or function which takes a string of text as input and outputs the number of non-alphabetical characters in it (standard I/O rules apply). A non-alphabetical character is any character ...
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14 votes
10 answers

Find the biggest chunk

This challenge is not code golf. Please read the scoring before you attempt to submit an answer. You will be given a multi-line string as input. You should output the size of the largest contiguous ...
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  • 88.6k
10 votes
5 answers

The Most Palindromy Code to Calculate Palindromy Numbers

The string abaaba Is a palindrome, meaning it doesn't change when it's reversed. However we can split it in half to make two palindromes ...
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  • 88.6k
12 votes
21 answers

Longest Increasing Substring

Given a list of positive integers, write code that finds the length of longest contiguous sub-list that is increasing (not strictly). That is the longest sublist such that each element is greater ...
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  • 88.6k
11 votes
9 answers

Everyone Ought to Have a Friend

An isolated character is a character (other than a newline) that doesn't have an adjacent character of the same type. Adjacent characters can be to the left, the right above or below, but not ...
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  • 88.6k
102 votes
92 answers

Unique is Cheap

Write a function or program that determines the cost of a given string, where the cost of each character equals the number of how many times the character has occurred up to this point in the string,...
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  • 25.1k
106 votes
38 answers

Source code ecological footprint

You've just been hired by a German car manufacturing company. Your first task, as an engineer, is to write a program that computes the ecological footprint of ASCII strings. The ecological footprint ...
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