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For challenges involving code that runs in multiple programming languages.

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Write a Program in Disguise [closed]

The challenge is to create a program that solves any one of the HQ9+ problems while looking like another language. Note: This is not a golf challenge. Rules: The program must perform one of the ...
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Golf you a Double Quine for greater good!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. Tonight - we have a code challenge. A competition that will be defined not in the amount of points (a la Asteroids) but simply whether you can finish it (a la ...
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Build a polyglot for Hello World

Produce a text file that prints "Hello World!" in as many programming languages as possible when compiled/interpreted, while also being as short as possible. The score for your submission is ...
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Write a polyglot that prints the language's name

Your task is to write a program that executes in as many languages as possible, with as few characters as you can. To avoid trivial solutions, the program must print the name of the language it was ...
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What code compiles in the most number of languages? [closed]

Excluding trivial programs, what code compiles in the most number of languages? (By "trivial" I mean to exclude answers such as the empty program or text that will be echoed directly.) The following ...
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Acrostic polyglot programming [closed]

The challenge is to write an acrostic piece of code. When read normally (horizontally), the code should take an input string and remove all but the first character on each line. For example, the ...
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Golf a mutual quine

Using two languages of your choice, write the smallest “mutual quine” you can. That is, write a program P in language A that outputs the source code for a program Q in language B, such ...
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