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A competition to solve a particular problem through the usage and manipulation of numbers.

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Formatting numbers

Today computers use millions of bytes of memory, and decimal or hexadecimal notations get less and less informative. Most human-readable formatting just display the number with the highest unit ...
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The Prime Grid Game

I had fun solving this, so I offer this golf challenge. The objective of this golf is to find the largest prime number that can be constructed using the given instructions. You should accept 3x3 ...
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Amicable number calculator [closed]

Write a program that calculates amicable numbers, starting from [0,0], intil the maximum value for an integer is reached in the language you chose to write it in. Amicable numbers are two different ...
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Last k digits of Powers of 2

For any integer \$r\$, there exists a power of 2 each of whose last \$r\$ digits are either 1 or 2. Given \$r\$, find the smallest \$x\$ such that \$2^x\bmod{10^r}\$ consists of only 1 or 2. For \$r=...
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Arbitrary Base Conversion [closed]

Create a routine that takes an array of blocks in one numeric base system, and convert them to an array of blocks in another numeric base system. Both the from and to systems are arbitrary and should ...
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Floating point addition, without floats!

Your task is to write a program, in any language, that adds two floating point numbers together WITHOUT using any fractional or floating point maths. Integer maths is allowed. Format The format for ...
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Power modulo golf. [closed]

Write a function f(a,b,c) that calculates a^b (mod c) in less than 10 seconds. a, b < 10^100 c < 10000. examples: ...
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Calculate the last digits of Graham's Number

Graham's number ends in a 7. It is a massive number, in theory requiring more information to store than the size of the universe itself. However it is possible to calculate the last few digits of ...
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Output nearby primes

Write a program which takes an input (which may or may not be prime), and lists the immediate prime following and preceding it. Example input: 1259 Example ...
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Perfect powers in more than one way?

Challenge Your task is to write a program or function which, given a positive integer \$N\$, finds all positive integers less than or equal to \$N\$ that can be expressed as a perfect power in more ...
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Minimum of last k [closed]

Write a function that takes two arguments: a number k and a list l, and that returns another list ...
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Print largest integer you can with the fewest characters [closed]

Find a way to output a large integer with few characters. Solutions will be scored based on the magnitude of the number and shortness of code. EDIT: Let's impose a time limit of a minute on sensible ...
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Fibonacci function or sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers, where every number in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers preceding it. The first two numbers in the sequence are both 1. Here are the first ...
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