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Most logical rectangle formula from numbers [duplicate]

Introduction The task is simple. When given a number, output the most logical rectangle. To explain what a logical rectangle is, I provided some examples: Input: 24....
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Is it a completely even number?

A completely even number is a positive even integer whose divisors (not including 1) are all even. Some completely even numbers are: 2 (divisors: 2, 1) 4 (divisors: 4, 2, 1) 16 (divisors: 16, 8, 4, 2,...
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Solve this math problem in smallest amount of code [closed]

Here I found a cool math problem. I thought you could write some golfed code to compute all answers between x and x.(there is an infinite amount). Problem: Once upon a time, and old lady went to sell ...
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Solve an algebraic expression

The Challenge Your task is to create a program that can solve an algebraic equation. Input Input will consist of a String. The string will be an equality ...
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Return the highest possible placement value based on the input

Introduction The challenge itself was something I came across and had to try and figure out for a personal of project of mine. I ended up branching out and asking family members if they could provide ...
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Find the inverse of a matrix

Write a full program to calculate the inverse of a 4-by-4 matrix. Rules The sixteen values of the initial matrix must be hard-coded to variables, as follows: ...
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Is it an Arithmetic Sequence or not? [closed]

Challenge In this challenge, the input will be an ordered set of numbers and the program should be able to tell if the set of numbers is an Arithmetic Sequence. Input The input will be a list ...
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Output this sequence of numbers

Your challenge is to write a program or function to output this sequence of numbers. Output requirements: Must contain numbers specified above Must be in order as specified Numbers must be delimited ...
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