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Finding Radical Ideals

Sandbox Finding radicals of arbitrary ideals in rings is hard! However, it's a doable task in polynomial rings, since they are Noetherian (all ideals are finitely generated) Background A quick ...
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Yet another digit insertion problem

Given a positive number \$n\$ we call another (not same as n) positive number \$m\$ good if we insert same digits in both n and m and the resulting fractional value is same. $$m/n = m_{\text{...
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What is the simplest reversible circuit that computes conjugacy of transpositions?

Reversible computation refers to computation in which little or no information is deleted. Reversible computation a major component of quantum computation, and reversible computation is potentially ...
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Find the pattern

I feel tired to do "find the pattern" exercise such as 1 2 3 4 (5) 1 2 4 8 (16) 1 2 3 5 8 (13) Please write a program that finds the pattern for me. Here, we ...
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Conic Sections (simplified)

Given the equation of a non-parabolic conic section, output its characteristics. Spec Some info on conic sections: for more info visit Wikipedia From an equation of the form \$ax^2+bx+cy^2+dy+E=0\$, ...
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Compute the Three Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform

Challenge I've checked that there is a question Compute the Discrete Cosine Transform which is a competition for implementing a shortest solution to compute the one dimensional discrete cosine ...
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Infinite-Time Busy Beaver

An infinite time Turing machine is a generalization of a Turing machine to infinite computation lengths. It has three tapes: two of them are blank initially, and the other one contains the input to ...
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Compare array of decimal sum of Integers and exact fractional part

Develop a program which takes two arrays of decimal numbers, and compare the sum of whole numbers only and the decimal part. If the sums of the whole numbers are the same, and the decimal parts of ...
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