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Finding Radical Ideals

Sandbox Finding radicals of arbitrary ideals in rings is hard! However, it's a doable task in polynomial rings, since they are Noetherian (all ideals are finitely generated) Background A quick ...
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Conic Sections (simplified)

Given the equation of a non-parabolic conic section, output its characteristics. Spec Some info on conic sections: for more info visit Wikipedia From an equation of the form \$ax^2+bx+cy^2+dy+E=0\$, ...
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Compute the Three Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform

Challenge I've checked that there is a question Compute the Discrete Cosine Transform which is a competition for implementing a shortest solution to compute the one dimensional discrete cosine ...
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Infinite-Time Busy Beaver

An infinite time Turing machine is a generalization of a Turing machine to infinite computation lengths. It has three tapes: two of them are blank initially, and the other one contains the input to ...
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