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This challenge is related to the Lisp family of languages. Note that challenges that require the answers to be in a specific language are generally discouraged.

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25 votes
5 answers

Ungolf my tinylisp code

I like golfing in tinylisp: (d M(q((x)(i x(i(disp x)0(M x))0 But I also like posting explanations with nicely formatted code: ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Reverse cadaddadadaddddaddddddr [closed]

The Lisp language has a family of functions car, cdr, cadr, etc for accessing arrays. For ...
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20 votes
11 answers

I'm Lazy: Close my Superparens

Picolisp has a feature called "super parentheses": Brackets ('[' and ']') can be used as super parentheses. A closing bracket will match [all parentheses to and including] the innermost ...
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18 votes
20 answers

cadaddadadaddddaddddddr - linked list accessing

Create a function (or closest equivalent, or full program) that takes an list of some datatype (your choice) that may be nested and a string (in either order), and generalizes the lisp c[ad]+r ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Polyglot "Hello world" in Fortran and Lisp [duplicate]

Simple challenge: The code must be both valid Lisp and valid Fortran, and must print out "hello world" in both. Note: I've sunk about 5 hours into this at this point, I'm not even sure it's possible ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Generate Pyramid Scheme code

Pyramid Scheme is a language being developed by @ConorO'Brien. In Pyramid Scheme, the code that you write looks like this: ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Tips for golfing in tinylisp

tinylisp is, in its essence, a very stripped-down version of Lisp, as the name suggests. It was made by @DLosc for an "interpret this language" challenge, which can ...
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47 votes
2 answers

McCarthy's LISP

McCarthy's 1959 LISP In early 1959, John McCarthy wrote a groundbreaking paper defining just nine primitive functions that when put together still form the basis for all LISP-like languages today. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Tips for golfing in Common Lisp [duplicate]

What general tips do you have for golfing in Common Lisp? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least somewhat specific to Common Lisp (e.g. "remove ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Tips for golfing in Lisp

What general tips are these for golfing in Lisp (any dialect)? Please post one tip per answer, and only answers that are specific to a dialect of Lisp (e.g. "remove comments" is not an answer). ...
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19 votes
9 answers

Tips for golfing in Racket / Scheme

What general tips do you have for golfing in Racket / Scheme? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to Racket / Scheme (e.g. "...
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39 votes
3 answers

Tiny Lisp, tiny interpreter

Lisp programmers boast that Lisp is a powerful language which can be built up from a very small set of primitive operations. Let's put that idea into practice by golfing an interpreter for a dialect ...
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19 votes
8 answers

Lisp Extraction Mission

In Lisp style languages, a list is usually defined like this: (list 1 2 3) For the purposes of this challenge, all lists will only contain positive integers or ...
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15 votes
4 answers

That's almost Lisp!

Challenge Your challenge is to design an interpreter for a lisp-like language, which will from hence forth be coined: GLisp. The program code for GLisp will consist of an arbitrary amount of nested ...
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18 votes
10 answers

Tips for golfing in Clojure

What are your tips for code golfing using Clojure? The aim of this question is to collect a list of techniques that are specific to Clojure and can be used in general code-golfing problems.
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