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JavaScript Object Notation is an open standard key-value pair data format. Use this tag for questions that involve parsing, outputting, or otherwise manipulating JSON objects.

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Calculate max depth of JSON data

Challenge Given some JSON data, calculate the maximum depth reached. (Both arrays and dictionaries increase the depth) Input/Output The program is expected to read a JSON string from stdin and as soon ...
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Generate recursive "arrays" up to a certain depth

Given a positive integer n. Generate a JSON array (can be a string, or your language's built-in JSON representation as long as we can get valid JSON, (your code ...
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Convert JSON object of directories to list of paths

Task The input consists of a JSON object, where every value is an object (eventually empty), representing a directory structure. The output must be a list of the corresponding root-to-leaf paths. ...
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Smallest possible Scratch 3.0 project file (SB3)

The objective is to make the smallest SB3 file that can simply be imported into Scratch 3.0 without a "The project file that was selected failed to load" error. Any means can be used, like ...
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Pretty printing JSON

I want format a JSON string into human-readable form. A string like this: ...
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Extract all keys from an object (json)

Description Given an object (json), write code to extract all the keys from it. This is a question that I really wanted to ask everybody for a long time ago but I did not have time to write it up. It ...
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Minecraft Language Files Updater

In 1.13, Minecraft language files were switched from being a simple multi-line key=value format to JSON. Challenge Write a program converting from the original format returning a JSON string. Input ...
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String Array to JSON String

Introduction I've seen throughout the code-golf challenges several simple tasks involving JSON, such as interpreting JSON strings with RegExs, and almost every other manipulation I could think of. In ...
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Print some JSON

This challenge is straightforward, but hopefully, there are plenty of avenues you can approach it: You need to print/return a valid JSON object of at least 15 characters, not counting unessential ...
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JSON tips: filter objects from array of objects where object name is alpha [closed]

What could be the shortest code for filtering the following array in Javascript without any library? My code is: filtered_obj = _.where(obj, { name: "Alpha" }); ...
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Help Jason format his JSON

Jason has a big JSON but it's unreadable, so he needs to prettify it. Formatting Spec The JSON has 4 different types: Numbers; Just 0-9 Strings; Double quoted <...
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Convert Valve KV into JSON

Valve's KV file format is as follows (in pseudo-EBNF): ...
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Who is the rightful ruler?

Who will rule the realm? You are given a family tree which contains: name, sex, date of birth, date of death and a list of heirs, for each family member. You may use any convenient (nested) list ...
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HTML2JSON Converter

Edit I have posted a 250 lines reference implementation for review at CR, discussing the major class of the code. Download the complete Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5 source code (10 kB) from my server....
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Network Transparent Boolean Logic Evaluator

Write an expression evaluator for boolean expressions encoded as JSON. Read on for explanation and rules. Motivation: Consider a scenario where two agents (Alice and Bob) are communicating with each ...
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Convert JSON string to Key / Value Arrays

Convert JSON (key/value pairs) to two native arrays, one array of keys and another of values, in your language. ...
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