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Questions tagged [fastest-code]

The winner of a fastest-code challenge is determined by the runtime performance of the submissions. For fairness, all submissions should be benchmarked on the same machine, which usually means all submissions have to be tested by the host of the challenge. Alternatively, the submission can be compared to a reference program. For scoring by asymptotic time complexity, use [fastest-algorithm] instead.

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Topologically distinct ways of dissecting a square into rectangles

I was asked by OEIS contributor Andrew Howroyd to post a Code Golf Challenge to extend OEIS sequence A049021. Would be super great to get a couple more terms for [...] A049021. Kind of thing [...] ...
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Fastest way to iterate over sublattice of discrete lattice

I need to construct a functor that iterates over the linear representation of a sub-lattice of size \$d_x,d_y,d_z,d_q\$ embedded in a lattice of size \$n_x,n_y,n_z,n_q\$. The sub-lattice corner is ...
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Find the linear transformation

Given a set of bit vectors \$A\$ and a binary matrix \$M\$, we can define the set \$MA = \{ Mx : x \in A \}\$, where \$ M x \$ is the result of the matrix multiplication of \$ M \$ by \$ x \$ over \$\...
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Hamming distance traveling salesman problem

The Hamming distance between two strings is the number of positions they differ at. You are given a set of binary strings. The task is to find the length of the shortest route that visits all of them ...
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Compute the Three Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform

Challenge I've checked that there is a question Compute the Discrete Cosine Transform which is a competition for implementing a shortest solution to compute the one dimensional discrete cosine ...
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