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This tag indicates that the challenge involves electrical components such as resistors in some way (e.g. counting the total resistance of a set of resistors).

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Total resistance from unit resistors

This problem is based on, A337517, the most recent OEIS sequence with the keyword "nice". \$a(n)\$ is the number of distinct resistances that can be produced from a circuit with exactly \$n\...
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Simulate D Flip-Flop

Objective Simulate an edge-triggered D Flip-Flop. What is D Flip-Flop? A D flip-flop is an electronic digital device that outputs an inputted data (abbr. D) with synchronization to a clock (abbr. ...
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Parallel resistance in electric circuits

Introduction: Two resistors, R1 and R2, in parallel (denoted R1 || R2) have a combined ...
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Is the Circuit Possible?

Write a program or function that takes input: all resistors available and a resistance value and outputs a truthy value of whether or not it is possible to get the resistance by using those resistors. ...
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Convert AWG to Inches

AWG (American Wire Gauge) is a common way of specifying wire sizes. Your task in this challenge is to convert from a given gauge to the diameter of the wire in inches. The size in inches for the ...
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Generate E-series of preferred numbers

Resistors and other electronic components are typically manufactured with values that conform to one of the E-series of preferred numbers. IEC 60063 defines the following E-series: E6: 10 15 22 33 ...
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28 votes
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Volts, Amps, Watts and Ohms: given two, calculate the other two

Ohm's law tells us that the current (I) in amps flowing through a resistance (R) in Ohms when a voltage (V) is applied across it is given as follows: V = I / R ...
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15 votes
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Apply Kirchhoff's law

Kirchhoff's law says that when you sum up all the currents (positive for the currents going to a junction, and negative for current leaving a junction), you will always get as result 0. Look at the ...
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What's the voltage over each component?

The picture below shows a RLC circuit. A RLC circuit is an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor (R), an inductor (L), and a capacitor (C), connected in series or in parallel. (1) In order to ...
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mini SPICE solver

SPICE is an electrical circuit simulation program originating from UC Berkeley. Your goal is to implement a minimalistic version which can solve for the nodal voltages and branch currents of a circuit ...
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Evaluate a Linear Feedback Shift Register

Introduction The Fibonacci Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) is a digital circuit which generates a stream of random-looking bits. It consists of several 1-bit flip-flops in a row, with certain ...
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Resistors of Unusual Value

Introduction When building an electronics project, a schematic may call for a resistor of an unusual value (say, 510 ohms). You check your parts bin and find that you have no 510-ohm resistors. But ...
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Build a program that creates a minimal one-ohm resistor diagram for a given resistance

You are a contractor for a company who designs electrical circuits for the various products they make. One day, the company accidentally gets a huge shipment of one-ohm resistors and absolutely ...
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Build an evaluator for nontrivial resistance diagrams

There is already a problem on here about calculating the total resistance of a resistor diagram. However, that problem deals only with series-parallel diagrams, which are trivially reducible. Here I ...
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Calculating Resistance (Nerd Sniping)

Good Afternoon Golfers, Our challenge for today is inspired by XKCD comics 356 and 370. We're going to write a program to calculate the resistance of a group of resistors. A forewarning that this is ...
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