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A no-input esoteric programming language with only 4 commands i,d,s,o. Note that challenges that require the answers to be in a specific language are generally discouraged.

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9 answers

Optimize imnotdeadfish

Fluff After taking a look at deadfish, I decided it sucked, so I came up with a new (and easier) variant of it: imnotdeadfish. As with its predecessor, there are 4 commands and an accumulator which ...
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Write a Deadfish Interpreter

Sandbox, Codidact A rewrite of this question with a simpler input format and guidelines. Challenge Deadfish uses a single accumulator, on which all commands are to be performed. It has the following ...
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Interpret deadfish [duplicate]

Please participate in the meta discussion about reopening this challenge before casting a vote. Introduction This challenge was inspired by semicolon-#. Deadfish is a non-Turing-complete ...
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Optimally reach a number in deadfish! [duplicate]

Goal: Given any natural number k such that k<256, produce an deadfish program that gives the smallest solution possible. ...
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29 votes
15 answers

Short Deadfish Numbers

Deadfish is one of the best known non Turing-complete programming languages. It has only one accumulator (which starts at 0) to store data, and only four commands: ...
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Write an interactive Deadfish interpreter

Deadfish is a joke "programming language" with four commands. Because the Esolang page is a bit contradictory and the interpreters on that page don't all work exactly the same, you should implement ...
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