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This tag exists for historical reasons. New challenges of the type previously posted under this tag are not welcome.

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41 answers

Help!! How to do square root! [closed]

Hi guys, for my class I need to make a number square root but it doesnt work !!HELLPP! The challenge: ...
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29 answers

Convert short month names to their longer counterparts [Ended]

This challenge has ended! Congratulations Flonk! I was sure I would get a good grade, but after turning in Flonk's my work, my professor did not believe it was mine and also could not understand why ...
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51 votes
69 answers

"Creative" ways to determine if an array is sorted

Given an integer array, write a program that determines if it is sorted in ascending order. Remember that this is a code trolling question. I am looking for most interesting ways that people come up ...
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Draw a trololologram [closed]

Your challenge here is to draw a trololologram. You can choose any language. The answer with more upvotes and the one that exploits more holes wins. Rules for valid answers: You can't use any ...
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68 votes
46 answers

How to write a C program for multiplication without using the * and + operators?

Is it possible to write a C program that multiplies two numbers without using the multiplication and addition operators? I found this on Stack Overflow. Please help this poor programmer with his ...
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How do I convert a word document to a pdf?

Help guys my assignment says it needs to be in .pdf format but I did it in Word. I'm really stuck. How do I take a word document in .docx format and make a .pdf that contains all the text from it? ...
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18 votes
61 answers

How do I find the factorial of a positive number?

The challenge: Write a program or a function that inputs a positive number and returns its factorial. Note: This is a code-trolling question. Please do not take the question and/or answers ...
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21 votes
44 answers

How do I split a string??? Help plz? (code trolling) [closed]

My homework assignment is take a string and split it into pieces at every new line. I have no idea what to do! Please help! Note: This is a code-trolling question. Please do not take the question and/...
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42 votes
75 answers

How do I write an adding function? [closed]

The problem: I am the lead developer for a big company, we are making Skynet. I have been assigned to Write a function that inputs and returns their sum RULES: No answers like ...
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11 votes
22 answers

Input text from one file, output it to another

The challenge: Input text from one file and output it to another. Solution should be a complete, working function. Note: This is a code-trolling question. Please do not take the question and/or ...
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16 votes
36 answers

Generate a random sequence of numbers

The challenge: Generate a random sequence of numbers. The only input should be the length of the sequence. Extra internet points for pure-functional solutions. Note: This is a code-trolling question....
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32 votes
30 answers

How do I find the longest palindrome in a string?

The challenge: Make a function that finds the longest palindrome inside a string. Note: This is a code-trolling question. Please do not take the question and/or answers seriously. More information ...
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278 votes
141 answers

I need a program where the user inputs an array of doubles and the program outputs the array sorted

Note: This question was severely edited since I first posted it here. The rules were moved to here, read them before posting any answer to understand the purpose of this. This was the first question ...
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