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Questions tagged [code-golf]

Code-golf is a competition to solve a particular problem in the fewest bytes of source code.

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148 votes
324 answers

Fibonacci function or sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers, where every number in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers preceding it. The first two numbers in the sequence are both 1. Here are the first ...
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143 votes
68 answers

Interpret brainfuck

Write the shortest program in your favourite language to interpret a brainfuck program. The program is read from a file. Input and output are standard input and standard output. Cell size: 8bit ...
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24 votes
38 answers

Reimplementing square root [duplicate]

Define a function, s, which takes a number and returns the square root. No use of library functions, such as Java's Math.sqrt() or PHP's built in sqrt(), allowed.
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  • 1,145
235 votes
429 answers

Golf you a quine for great good!

Using your language of choice, golf a quine. A quine is a non-empty computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as its only output. No cheating -- that means ...
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  • 2,627
323 votes
176 answers

Tips for golfing in Python

What general tips do you have for golfing in Python? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least somewhat specific to Python (e.g. "remove comments" is ...
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39 votes
21 answers

Angle between the hands on a clock [duplicate]

Given the time in 24 hour format (2359 = 11:59pm) return the angle between the minute and hour hands on a standard clock (on the ...
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60 votes
63 answers

The Luhn algorithm for verifying credit card numbers, etc

Challenge Write the shortest program or function to calculate the Luhn Algorithm for verifying (credit card) numbers. Luhn algorithm explained From RosettaCode, this algorithm for the purposes of ...
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25 votes
12 answers

Hamming numbers

Hamming numbers are numbers which evenly divide a power of 60. Equivalently, their prime factors are all \$ \le 5 \$. Given a positive integer, print that many Hamming numbers, in order. Rules: Input ...
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43 votes
65 answers

ROT-13 transform standard input

Task Read a string of characters and produce the ROT13 of it. All characters besides [a-zA-Z] should be output verbatim. Each letter in the output may be in any ...
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110 votes
116 answers

Code Golf Christmas Edition: How to print out a Christmas tree of height N

Given a number N, how can I print out a Christmas tree of height N using the least number of code characters? ...
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