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Questions tagged [code-golf]

Code-golf is a competition to solve a particular problem in the fewest bytes of source code.

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2 votes
7 answers

Calculate the Lowest Even-Harmonic of the Values in a List

PROBLEM For a list of numbers, list: Find the lowest possible integer, x, which is optimally close to the whole number even-...
498 votes
913 answers

"Hello, World!"

So... uh... this is a bit embarrassing. But we don't have a plain "Hello, World!" challenge yet (despite having 35 variants tagged with hello-world, and counting). While this is not the most ...
18 votes
27 answers

Generate All 8 Knight's Moves

Introduction In chess, Knights can move two squares in one direction, and then one square in an orthogonal direction. On an x/y plane, these can be thought of as being a relative change of coordinates,...
72 votes
31 answers

Cracking the Enigma?

Introduction The Enigma was one of the first electro-mechanical rotor cipher machines used in World War II. That means that after a single letter is coded, it would change the key for the next letter. ...
85 votes
28 answers

Bake a slice of Pi

Write a program or function that prints or outputs this exact text (consisting of 142 characters): ...
29 votes
31 answers

Previous Fibonacci number

The sequence of Fibonacci numbers is defined as follows: \$ F_0 = 0 \\ F_1 = 1 \\ F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2} \$ Given a Fibonacci number, return the previous Fibonacci number in the sequence. You do not ...
12 votes
26 answers

Circular chained compound

Task Given a positive integer n, output the joined compound of circles The circles are of square of size n+2 but removing the ...
20 votes
16 answers

Draw an ASCII pencil

Task is pretty simple. Your program should take a number N from 1 to 20 and draw the ...
26 votes
23 answers

Output the Iccanobif Sequence

Write a program or named function that will output or return the sequence up to the nth integer in the Iccanobif sequence, documented on OEIS as A014258. Note that ...
58 votes
78 answers

How even is a number?

The ancient Greeks had these things called singly and doubly even numbers. An example of a singly even number is 14. It can be divided by 2 once, and has at that point become an odd number (7), after ...
84 votes
212 answers

"DDoouubbllee ssppeeaakk!!"

Super simple challenge today, or is it? I feel like we've heard a fair bit about double speak recently, well let's define it in a codable way... Double speak is when each and every character in a ...
136 votes
66 answers

Interpret brainfuck

Write the shortest program in your favourite language to interpret a brainfuck program. The program is read from a file. Input and output are standard input and standard output. Cell size: 8bit ...
6 votes
24 answers

Find the nth Fibonacci number, where n is the mth Fibonacci number

Introduction If fib(x) calculates the xth Fibonacci number, write a program that calculates ...
19 votes
30 answers

Output the Juggler sequence

The Juggler sequence is described as follows. Beginning with an input \$a_1\$, the next term is defined by the recurrence relation $$a_{k+1} = \begin{cases} \left\lfloor a_k ^ \frac 1 2 \right\rfloor,\...
16 votes
11 answers

Straighten my corners... diagonally

We can arrange the positive integers like this: 1_| 2 | 5 | 10 4___3_| 6 | 11 9___8___7_| 12 16 15 14 13 That is, in L-shaped brackets expanding down and right ...
17 votes
35 answers

Incremental Ranges!

Your task is to, given two positive integers, \$x\$ and \$n\$, return the first \$x\$ numbers in the incremental ranges sequence. The incremental range sequence first generates a range from one to \$...
60 votes
57 answers

Count trailing truths

Inspired by, and in memory of, my dear friend and colleague, Dan Baronet, 1956 – 2016. R.I.P. He found the shortest possible APL solution to this task: Task Given a Boolean list, count the number of ...
13 votes
12 answers

I want 8 bits for every character!

This is the reverse of this challenge. Given an encoded list of codepoints and the characters used to encode it, you need to decompress it to its original string. For example, given the encoded list <...
25 votes
33 answers

Count the trailing zeros

Given two positive integers \$n\$ and \$b\$, such that \$n > 2\$ and \$n > b > 1\$, count the trailing zeros when converting \$n\$ to base \$b\$. Your program should be able to handle any ...
25 votes
37 answers

Letters in phone numbers

Problem: You are making a new phone where people can type in specialized phone numbers, for example, 1-800-program, and they would be converted automatically to a ...
144 votes
298 answers

Fibonacci function or sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers, where every number in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers preceding it. The first two numbers in the sequence are both 1. Here are the first ...
15 votes
25 answers

Reverse hex cipher

Characters in strings are sometimes represented as their ASCII hexadecimal codes. Printable characters have two hex digits in their representation. Swapping those digits leads to another character, ...
48 votes
14 answers

Draw the "Cool S"

Introduction We all know the cool S (also known as Superman S, Stüssy S, Super S, Skater S, Pointy S, Graffiti S etc. etc.): billions of schoolchildren around the world drew this S and immediately ...
29 votes
48 answers

Draw an S-Chain

Background When I was younger, I was taught a method of drawing a weird "S" shape, that I (along with my classmates) found fascinating. Today, I rediscovered it, and due to its formulaic approach to ...
43 votes
42 answers

Fibonacci reversed!

Introduction We all know and love our Fibonacci sequence and have seen a myriad of challenge on it here already. However, we're still lacking a very simple case which this answer is going to provide: ...
34 votes
23 answers

Check membership of an infinite list

As input you will receive An integer \$a\$ A list of integers that is infinite and strictly-monotonic1. Your program should check in finite time if \$a\$ appears the list. You should output one of ...
32 votes
32 answers

Eh, codegolf shmodegolf

This challenge is about implementing Shm-reduplication, originating in Yiddish, where one takes a word, duplicates it, and replaces the first syllable in the second word with "Shm" in order ...
16 votes
21 answers

Apartment Building

Draw an "apartment" building according to the specifications below. Basic Rules Take, as input, the number of floors of the building. Return a building with that many floors meeting the ...
9 votes
2 answers

How related are two relatives?

The coefficient of relationship refers to how much DNA two persons have in common. A parent has 50% common DNA with their child (unless the parents are related), so to calculate it we have to find all ...
1 vote
0 answers

Figure out the least amount of duplicate data to fill a quota [closed]

You are given 100 arrays/sets of 5-8 numbers between 1-20. If you combine all the arrays you will always get at least one of each number (1-20), so don't worry about an "unsolvable" case. ...
32 votes
6 answers

Telegraphy Golf: Decode Baudot Code

Background In 1870 Émile Baudot invented Baudot Code, a fixed-length character encoding for telegraphy. He designed the code to be entered from a manual keyboard with just five keys; two operated ...
13 votes
6 answers

Reachability measure in Conway's Soldiers

Background Conway's Soldiers is a version of peg solitaire played on an infinite checkerboard. The board is initially full of pegs below an infinite horizontal line, and empty above it. Following the ...
284 votes
73 answers

We're no strangers to code golf, you know the rules, and so do I

Write the shortest program that prints the entire lyrics of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. Rules: Must output the lyrics exactly as they appear in the above pastebin*. Here's the raw dump:...
20 votes
29 answers

Download a file from the Internet

Introduction Yes, it's as simple as that. Download any file from the internet! Rules You must use your language's API. You must output the file you downloaded to STDOUT, the console, a file, etc. ...
1 vote
14 answers

Traverse a directory tree and output a list of all files

Write the shortest code that traverses a directory tree and outputs a flat list of all files. It should traverse the whole directory tree The order in which it enters sub-directories doesn't matter ...
15 votes
16 answers

Divisible subset sums

Inspired by the recent 3Blue1Brown video Consider, for some positive integer \$n\$, the set \$\{1, 2, ..., n\}\$ and its subsets. For example, for \$n = 3\$, we have $$\emptyset, \{1\}, \{2\}, \{3\}, \...
17 votes
23 answers

Crossing a Lily Pond

The Narrative You are a frog who is at the edge of a pond with waterlilies. You would like to cross the pond without getting wet, so you plan to jump from lily to lily. There is, however, one problem: ...
14 votes
23 answers

There's more than one way to skin a set

Given a set of positive integers \$ S \$, output the set of all positive integers \$ n \$ such that \$ n \$ can be made by summing a subset of \$ S \$ in more than one different way, i.e., that are ...
21 votes
21 answers

Is given number a concat of two squares

Given a positive integer, determine if it can be represented as a concatenation of two square numbers. Concatenated numbers may not begin with 0 (except for 0). Any leading zeros in input should be ...
23 votes
28 answers

Prime Power Switch

Input: A positive integer n=p^q where p and q are prime. Output: Output the result of ...
18 votes
12 answers

In between fractions

Given two positive integer fractions \$x\$ and \$y\$ such that \$x < y\$, give the fraction \$z\$ with the smallest positive integer denominator such that it is between \$x\$ and \$y\$. For example ...
10 votes
8 answers

10 Clickbaits you can't resist

Write a program/function/script that takes a natural number i from 1 to 10 as input and outputs the URL of the Question with the i th hottest question on the Code Golf Portal The ordering should be ...
78 votes
30 answers

418: I'm a teapot

As we all should know, there's a HTTP status code 418: I'm a teapot. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use your creativitea and write the smallest possible server that responds with ...
26 votes
20 answers

Average Length of Google

I was messing around with Pyth's url request feature, and noticed that google always gave a response with a slightly different length for me, usually ~10500 ...
232 votes
411 answers

Golf you a quine for great good!

Using your language of choice, golf a quine. A quine is a non-empty computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as its only output. No cheating -- that means ...
12 votes
9 answers

Convert Alpha-2 to Alpha-3

The Task The task is easy: given an Alpha-2 country code, output the Alpha-3 equivalent. The input may be in any case you choose, and the output in any consistent case of your choosing. Here are the ...
35 votes
64 answers

Find the highest unique digit

Surprisingly we haven't had a simple "find the highest digit" challenge yet, but I think that's a little too trivial. Given input of a non-negative integer, return the highest unique (ie not ...
82 votes
183 answers

Output the sign

Given a number N, output the sign of N: If N is positive, output 1 If N is negative, output -1 If N is 0, output 0 N will be an integer within the representable range of integers in your chosen ...
12 votes
15 answers


Definition of long text Long text usually shows emphasis, for instance, loooooool or yaaaaaaaaaay. Usually the vowel is ...
20 votes
2 answers

Maximal Substring Construction

In this challenge, you are passed two things: A string length, N A list of strings, L, each with an assigned point value. Any ...

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