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Questions tagged [code-challenge]

A code challenge is a competition for creative ways to solve a programming puzzle with an objective winning criterion not covered by other scoring tags (e.g. code-golf).

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Morpion solitaire

Morpion solitaire This is a game that I remember having learnt from my grandparents in my childhood. Initially I didn't know the name. G B has found it to be Join Five (or less ambiguously - Morpion ...
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Delivery Robots and Destroyer Drones

Program your robots to deliver packages in a warehouse infested with destroyer drones. Avoid the drones and get your packages to the right place as fast as you can. Delivery Robots There are ...
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Leave a wake of dead cells behind you

Conway's Game of Life is a well known cellular automaton "played" on an infinite grid, filled with cells that are either alive or dead. Once given an initial state, the board evolves ...
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The N Queens Problem, but with Fairy Chess Pieces

Fairy Chess is a sort of generalized chess that allows unconventional pieces. The eight queens puzzle is a classic problem where you have to put 8 queens on a chess board such that no two queens ...
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Turing Machine that outputs pi

Turing Machine Preliminaries A Turing machine is specified by the following data A finite set of symbols S = \$\{s_1,s_2,...\}\$ A finite set of states M = \$\{m_1,m_2,...\}\$ A partially defined ...
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Goldbach's Comet

Back to back challenges I guess. Hopefully this one is more clear than the last. Background I was playing around with Goldbach's conjecture, and decided to plot evens (on the x-axis) vs the number ...
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Find the best character arrangement

You want to write your English essay. However, all characters on your keyboard broke other than the arrow keys and the enter key. You want to find out how to place the characters so you can write your ...
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Simulate the isotropic non-totalistic cellular automaton

There are many generalizations of Conway's Game of Life. One of them is the isotropic non-totalistic rulespace, in which the state of a cell in the next generation depends not just on its state and ...
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Minimizing Covering Arrays

This is the followup question to this previous CodeGolf question about Covering Arrays (the details of what Covering Arrays are and how they are formatted at the NIST website are there). In this ...
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Alphanumeric recursive meeting

This challenge is about finding the perfect match between your program sourcecode and the output from your program. Scoring table for the output: ...
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