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The clock tag is used for challenges specifically related to clocks and the display of absolute time. Usually it should not be used for challenges about relative time.

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Convert angle to clock time

Your task is to make a program or function that takes a nonnegative integer (or a different convenient format to represent it) that represents an angle measure in degrees from 0 to 180 (inclusive) as ...
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Stepping Through Time

Given a 24 hour time, e.g. 20:48, output the nearest time where each adjacent pair of digits has an absolute difference of 1, e.g. 21:01. That is, each number in the output must differ from the ...
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Analog clock using braille UTF8 characters [closed]

Inspired by Braille graphics and Build an analog clock. The goal there is to create a tool that use terminal console to draw and animate a clock by using UTF-8 fonts ...
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Read an ASCII clock

Related to, but not a duplicate of, this challenge. Basics This is a clock: ...
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Match the Striking Clock

Introduction: At home we have a clock that strikes the stated amount at each hour, but also strikes once at every half-hour. So from 0:01 to and including 12:00 it strikes in this order: ...
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34 votes
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Output the hours at 90 degrees

Today while playing with my kids I noticed that an apparently simple toy in the park hid a challenge. The wheel has a triangle that points to a number, but also has three circles that point to the ...
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Mirrored Digital Clock

Many digital clocks display the time using simplified digits comprised of only seven different lights that are either on or off: When mirrored horizontally, the digits ...
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How many times will a bell tower ring?

Introduction A bell tower will ring its bells every hour, n times, with n being the the current hour on a 12 hour clock. For ...
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Risky Phone Plan

You have a phone plan that lets you talk 180 minutes a day. Every day that you go over your daily limit you have to pay a fine of F = Men, where M is the number of minutes you went over and n is the ...
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Digital Clock Matches Puzzle

There are many puzzles with matches that involve adding, removing, or moving a certain number of matches to create new numbers or shapes. This is like that with a digital clock. Given a valid time on ...
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ASCII clock with dot & comma time markers

Introduction Imagine that line of chars is in fact two rows. Upper row - dots - represents hours (24 hour system), while lower - commas - represents minutes. One character can represent hour, minute ...
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Arithmetic... tock... tick... tock

This question brought to you by a game I like to play when stuck in long phone meetings. Given any two times from a 24 hour clock (from 00:00 to 23:59), how many valid mathematical equations can be ...
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Make a working digital clock with ascii numbers [duplicate]

The challenge is make a digital clock that exhibits ascii numbers in a 24-hour format like: _ _ _ _ |_| |_| . |_| |_| |_| |_| . |_| |_| or ...
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What time is it? [closed]

I really hate looking up to the top right of the screen to look at the time on OS X's clock widget; I'd much rather keep my eyes at least somewhere near my workspace to check the time. I also hate ...
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Angle between the hands on a clock [duplicate]

Given the time in 24 hour format (2359 = 11:59pm) return the angle between the minute and hour hands on a standard clock (on the ...
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