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Questions tagged [ascii-art]

This challenge involves creating or parsing pictures using text characters as the paint. Typically this uses only 95 printable (from a total of 128) characters defined by the ASCII Standard from 1963.

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101 votes
140 answers

Print this diamond

This question has been spreading like a virus in my office. There are quite a variety of approaches: Print the following: ...
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  • 1,119
88 votes
28 answers

Bake a slice of Pi

Write a program or function that prints or outputs this exact text (consisting of 142 characters): ...
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  • 3,930
71 votes
38 answers

Enlarge ASCII art

In this challenge, you must take multiline ASCII art as input, such as: ...
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  • 71.5k
182 votes
29 answers

Do you want to code a snowman?

Here is a simple ASCII art snowman: _===_ (.,.) ( : ) ( : ) Let's make him some friends. This will be the general pattern for our ASCII art snowpeople: ...
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96 votes
52 answers

In Honor of Adam West

Adam West passed away, and I'd like to honor his memory here on PPCG, though I doubt he knew of our existence. While there are many, many different things that this man is known for, none are more ...
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50 votes
24 answers

Minecraft Mirrored

This is Calvin. Just trying to get 20 rep so this user can chat in the PPCG Minecraft Server chatroom. Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer. If the integer is even (2, 4, 6, ....
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49 votes
32 answers

Very Simple Triangles

Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer (via stdin, command line, or function arg) and prints or returns a string of that many of these small triangles tiled together, alternating ...
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35 votes
50 answers

Will Jimmy fall off his platform?

Backstory Meet my friend Jimmy: /o\ Jimmy is a little character who likes to stand on platforms. Here's Jimmy safely standing on a platform: ...
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  • 2,570
27 votes
17 answers

Transform number into 7-segment display pattern [closed]

Given two arbitrary numbers A,B. Print number B as a Digital LED Pattern where A is the scale. input: 1 2320451640799518 ouput: ...
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  • 1,750
95 votes
49 answers

5 Favorite Letters

The challenge is actually extremely simple. Pick 5 distinct letters (you can just pick the 5 that allow you the shortest code if you like) and output them to the console. However, the twist is that ...
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34 votes
40 answers

Render "Digital Clock Style" Numbers

Write the shortest program which will take a string of numbers (of up to at least 20 length) as input, and display the output using the standard digital clock style numbers. For instance for input 81,...
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  • 1,199
33 votes
5 answers

Chain reaction of bombs

Introduction: Before the task, here is what every element does on the map: Plain land (X): This does nothing. Destroyed land (...
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  • 44.4k
17 votes
6 answers

Golf me an ASCII Alphabet

Don't you find that reading simple text isn't appealing enough? Try our ...
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  • 3,125
14 votes
6 answers

Find the shortest route on an ASCII road

You want to find the length shortest path between two points, on an 2d ASCII "map". The roads are made up of + characters, and the two endpoints are represented by <...
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1 vote
11 answers

Rotate simple ASCII art [closed]

This is similar to a previous question on this site, but with much simpler rules, so we should get much shorter results (in bytes): Input: ASCII art with only two possible characters: space and '#'. ...
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81 votes
30 answers

Create an "H" from smaller "H"s

Challenge Create a function or program that, when given an integer size, does the following: If size is equal to 1, output ...
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74 votes
75 answers

This is my pillow

...will you help me immortalize it? I've had this pillow a few years now, and apparently it's time to get rid of it. Can you please write a function or program, that I can bring with me and use to ...
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64 votes
153 answers

Draw an asterisk triangle

Inspired by a task for Programming 101, here's a challenge that hopefully isn't too easy (or a duplicate). Input: A positive integer n >= 1. Output: ...
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  • 1,205
62 votes
60 answers

Print N Squared

Write a program or function that takes in a non-negative integer N from stdin or as a function argument. It must print or return a string of a hollow ASCII-art square whose sides are each made with N ...
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46 votes
16 answers

ASCII Art of the Day #1 - Double Knot

Write a full program or a function that takes a positive integer N as input via STDIN/command line/ARGV or function arguments and prints an ASCII double knot ...
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  • 26.5k
32 votes
22 answers

Golfing ASCII-art

Let's try to golf this piece of ascii-art representing a golfing man: '\ . . |>18>> \ . ' . | O>> ...
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  • 5,825
29 votes
6 answers

Let's draw the flag of Nepal

Nepal’s flag (Wikipedia, Numberphile) looks very different from any other. It also has specific drawing instructions (included in the Wikipedia article). I want you guys to make a program which will ...
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  • 1,359
29 votes
8 answers

Print the American Flag!

Special Independence Day (USA) themed challenge for you today. You must write a program that prints this ascii-art representation of The American Flag. ...
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  • 59.3k
26 votes
30 answers

Sierpinski Carpets

Who doesn't love a good fractal? The Sierpinski Carpet is a classic example of a fractal. To complete this task, you will be required to generate a carpet of type \$n\$ and print the resulting image ...
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134 votes
32 answers

A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it

... Not that you would, would you? The task is simple, output the following text: ...
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118 votes
47 answers

It's my Birthday :D

Introduction Last year was my birthday (really!) and sadly I had to organise my own party. Well, now you know, couldn't you at least make the cake? Challenge Given an integer ...
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112 votes
116 answers

Code Golf Christmas Edition: How to print out a Christmas tree of height N

Given a number N, how can I print out a Christmas tree of height N using the least number of code characters? ...
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75 votes
91 answers

Build me a brick wall!

Challenge I need help building a brick wall! Throw together some code for me using no input and produce the following output wall shown below: ...
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  • 935
68 votes
17 answers

Help Trump build the wall!

Trump needs the wall constructed and you are going to do it! To most efficiently build his wall I have created a simple, repeatable pattern for you to use: ...
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  • 5,090
62 votes
13 answers

Build a sandpile

An abelian sandpile, for our purposes, is an infinite grid with integer coordinates, initially empty of sand. After each second, a grain of sand is placed at (0,0). Whenever a grid cell has 4 or more ...
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51 votes
17 answers

Yarr! A map to the hidden treasure!

Introduction "Yarr!! We had a laddie who called himself a "programmer" make a map t' our hidden treasure! But 'tis written wit' weird numbers 'n letters! "E5, N2, E3"... what does it even mean? ...
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  • 8,619
46 votes
35 answers

Draw a bowling formation

Your goal is to display ASCII art of a formation in ten-pin bowling where only some of the pins remain. Fewest bytes wins. The tens pins are in a triangular formation: ...
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  • 145k
41 votes
27 answers

Counting Goats to Sleep

Some people count sheep to get to sleep. Others count goats. Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer N and outputs N-1 awake goats followed by one sleeping goat, as if someone was ...
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38 votes
8 answers

Read ASCII-Art Text

Inspired by Golf me an ASCII Alphabet, of which this challenge is (almost) a direct inverse. Task: Take a string of ASCII-art text and output the content of the text as regular ASCII text. Input: ...
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  • 16.5k
32 votes
9 answers

Balance a set of weights on a seesaw

Balancing Act Overview Given an input of 3 single-digit positive integers representing a set of weights, output an ASCII representation of a seesaw with the weights placed on it so that it is in ...
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  • 1,677
31 votes
14 answers

Kill it With Fire

Disclaimer: The story told within this question is entirely fictional, and invented solely for the purpose of providing an intro. I am an evil farmer, and to drive up the price of wheat in my area, ...
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  • 7,235
26 votes
5 answers

ASCII Dragon's Curve

Introduction The Dragon's Curve is a fractal curve that notably appears on section title pages of the Jurassic Park novel. It can very simply be described as a process of folding a paper strip, as ...
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  • 38.8k
26 votes
28 answers

Can Jimmy hang on his rope?

Yet another Jimmy challenge by his original father. See these other lovely challenges. As you all know, recently we've been seeing challenges related to Jimmy on platforms. Now, Jimmy is an acrobat ...
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  • 2,570
23 votes
26 answers

Create a binary ruler

Given a number n, generate the first n columns of this pattern: ...
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22 votes
6 answers

Random ASCII Art of the Day #5: Diamond Tilings

Mash Up Time! This is instalment #5 of both my Random Golf of the Day and Optimizer's ASCII Art of the Day series. Your submission(s) in this challenge will count towards both leaderboards (which you ...
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21 votes
15 answers

Fill in the lakes

Given the topography of land in ASCII picture format, figure out where lakes would go and fill them in. Assume an infinite amount of rain. example input ...
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21 votes
8 answers

Jimmy needs your help!

It seems as of recent, there have been a lot a Jimmys falling to their death, as can be seen here, and here where you were asked to determine if Jimmy would fall. It is time we put a stop to this ...
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  • 1,353
21 votes
20 answers

Eiffel Towers: Create a large "A" from "A"s

Create a function which given a number of lines n, makes a bigA. The horizontal bar of bigA ...
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  • 369
19 votes
4 answers

Embedded Hexagons!

Your task: given an integer n, generate an embedded hexagon pattern following the below rules, to the nth depth. An embedded hexagon has the basic shape of this: (...
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  • 6,884
19 votes
2 answers

Rotate a Chinese checkerboard

A Chinese checkerboard looks like this (based on this question, but this time it has a fixed size): ...
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18 votes
5 answers

Rotate an ASCII art image

Out of all of the ASCII characters, it is easy to tell that some of them form groups that are rotations of the same basic character. For example, V > ^ <. ...
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  • 29.1k
15 votes
13 answers

Build an analog clock [closed]

Write a program which displays the current system time as an analog clock, using ASCII graphics. The clock must show at least the hour and minute pointers, and must have enough resolution of at least ...
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  • 8,109
12 votes
5 answers

"Cowsay" in short [closed]

Simulate cowsay in the default mode. ...
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  • 2,697
9 votes
1 answer

Transform 7-segment display pattern into number

Given A and B, where A is the scale of a Digital LED Pattern B. Parse pattern B and print the number. input: ...
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  • 18.6k
6 votes
15 answers

Alphabet Spiral

You are to write a program or function that outputs this exact text: OPQRSTU NQPONMV MREDCLW LSFABKX KTGHIJY JUVWXYZA IHGFEDCB May also be lowercase and trailing ...
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  • 4,115

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