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This challenge is related to APL (A Programming Language). Note that challenges that require the answers to be in a specific language are generally discouraged.

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Tips for golfing in APL

I started one code golf challenge recently and it seems like the winner is GolfScript (surprise, surprise!). What's interesting is that there was another very strong competitor that had all chances to ...
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Official Dyalog APL 2016 Year Game

If you think this could be fun, but too much work, consider participating in this much smaller challenge. A bit of fun (and possibly frustration!) for 2016... Dyalog's "puzzle of the year". ...
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3 answers

Clearly parenthesize APL trains

In APL, you can write tacit functions, called trains. How they work is irrelevant for this challenge. Here are the different ways they can be grouped, using as ...
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40 votes
38 answers

Ken Iverson’s Favourite APL Expression?

Ken Iverson, 1920–2020 Let's implement his favourite expression: Given a row of Pascal's triangle, compute the next row. This can for example be computed by taking the input padded with a zero on the ...
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What valence does this APL train have?

Context In APL, trains are tacit sequences of monadic/dyadic functions that can be called with one or two arguments. We'll code something to check if a given train follows the correct structure we ...
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Conjugation in Real Life

In @Adám's Dyalog APL Extended, the (under) operator means conjugation: apply one function, then a second function, then the inverse of the first. It's fun to ...
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Explicit-ify APL expressions involving trains

Related: Clearly parenthesize APL trains Background In the most basic form, APL has two kinds of tokens: arrays and functions. For this challenge, we will use a lowercase letter ...
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