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Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code

Note to challenge writers as per meta consensus: This question was well-received when it was posted, but challenges like this, asking answerers to Do X without using Y are likely to be poorly received....
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Covfefify a string

In this challenge, you must take a string matching the regex ^[a-zA-Z]+$ or whatever is reasonable (you don't have to consider uppercase or lowercase letters if you ...
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Diagonal Alphabet

Given no input, your task is to generate the following: ...
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Output programming language name

Challenge: In the programming language of your choice, take no input and output your programming language's name. Fair enough, right? Restrictions: You can't use any character that is included in ...
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Make an alphabet searchlight!

Inspired by a bug in a solution to this challenge, your challenge is to produce this exact text: ...
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Duck, duck, goose!

Remember the kids game, 'Duck, Duck, Goose'? No? Me neither. The challenge Print the word 'duck' on individual lines an indeterminate amount of times. Print the word 'goose'. Your program ends. The ...
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Goodbye Cruel World!

Background Hello golfers! I would like to learn all the programming languages! But I kinda have a short attention span... and copying all the Hello World examples gets boring... but I like fire! ^w^ ...
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Shut down the computer!

Challenge: In the programming language of your choice, shut down the machine that your code was executed on. Rules No shutting down by resource exhaustion (e.g.: forkbomb to force shutdown) You are ...
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Sleep for 1000 years

Some sleep commands implement a delay of an integer number of seconds. However, 2³² seconds is only about 100 years. Bug! What if you need a larger delay? Make a ...
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From Programming Puzzles to Code Golf

Your task is to write a program that outputs the exact string Programming Puzzles (trailing newline optional), but when all spaces, tabs, and newlines are removed ...
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Implement Minceraft

Introduction The game Minecraft has a 1 in 10000 chance of showing "Minceraft" instead of "Minecraft" on the title screen. Your challenge Your challenge is to code a function or ...
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Do you want to code a snowman?

Here is a simple ASCII art snowman: _===_ (.,.) ( : ) ( : ) Let's make him some friends. This will be the general pattern for our ASCII art snowpeople: ...
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Sing Baby Shark

"Baby Shark" is a children's song about a family of sharks. Having long been popular as a campfire song, it has been popularized since the mid-2000s by social media, online video and radio. - ...
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Determine your language's version

Your challenge is to write a polyglot that works in different versions of your language. When run, it will always output the language version. Rules Your program should work in at least two versions ...
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Numbers by Position

Challenge Print the numbers: 1 22 333 4444 55555 666666 7777777 88888888 999999999 In that order. I/O Takes no input. The numbers can have any delimiters desired (...
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A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it

... Not that you would, would you? The task is simple, output the following text: ...
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Telescopic Parentheses

Consider a non-empty string of correctly balanced parentheses: (()(()())()((())))(()) We can imagine that each pair of parentheses represents a ring in a ...
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Print a Negative of your Code

Consider a square of printable ASCII characters (code points 0x20 to 0x7E) for side length N, like the following (here, N = 6): ...
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Eww, those bytes are gross

Write a program or function that, when given a string, filters out as many distinct bytes as it can and returns the cleaned string. However, since your program hates them, none of these bytes can be ...
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Fibonacci + Fizz Buzz = Fibo Nacci!

Fibonacci + FizzBuzz = Fibo Nacci! Your challenge is to create a Fibo Nacci program! A Fibo Nacci program outputs the first 100 Fibonacci numbers (starting from 1). If the Fibonacci number is ...
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Make me a square!

Task Given one non-whitespace printable character, make a 3x3 square representation of that input. For example, if the input is #, then the output is: ...
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How much code would a codegolf golf if a codegolf could golf code?

Write a function or program that takes two words as input and outputs variants of the popular English tongue-twister "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?". The ...
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Would this string work as string?

Write a program that takes a single line string that you can assume will only contain the characters /\_‾. (That's forward and backward slash, underline and ...
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Stack Exchange Vote Simulator

Write a program or function that takes in a string only containing the characters ^ and v (you can assume there will be no other ...
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Outputting ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

I would like to generate (as a return result of a function, or simply as the output of a program) the ordinal suffix of a positive integer concatenated to the number. Samples: ...
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Legen… wait for it…

dary! In events entirely unrelated to what will hopefully happen to me in the next couple of days, I task you to write code that does the following: Print ...
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The Real Slim Shady

Echo the following in as few bytes as possible: ...
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Generate a deck of cards

Here's an array representing a standard deck of cards, including two Jokers. ...
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Swapping "Good" and "Bad"

Challenge Description: Write a program that asks the user for input. The user will enter Good or Bad. You do not have to ...
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Where's the 0xBEEF?

This challenge was inspired by this Wendy's commercial from 1984. Illustration by T S Rogers Your task is to find a hexadecimal 0xBEEF on a binary bun. The 'beef' consists of the following pattern: ...
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Cat goes "Meow"

cat goes "Meow" We are all familiar with the concept of a cat program. The user types something in, it is echoed back to the ...
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Print my clock's alarm sound

Write the shortest program that prints the sound my alarm clock makes, and stops after an inputted number of beeps. For reference, here is the sound my alarm makes: ...
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You're on a 8 day streak!

Duolingo, the language learning app, has a lot of things going for it, but there is one major issue that drives me crazy. It tells me how many days in a row I've used the app with a message like You'...
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Encode the date in Christmas Eve format

The day this post was published was Christmas Eve. Tomorrow will be Christmas. Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve. In two days it will be ...
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List all possible titles for the Anno games

In the Anno video game series there are 6 games with a 7th one announced for early 2019. Their titles always feature a year in a specific pattern: ...
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Determine the depth of an array

A simple challenge for your Monday evening (well, or Tuesday morning in the other half of the world...) You're given as input a nested, potentially ragged array of positive integers: ...
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A Programming Puzzle of Mode Golf

Your task is to print the text Good morning, Green orb!, with every character repeated in place as many times as the most frequent byte in your source (the mode). ...
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Write a "Hello" interpreter

Background Hello is a language "written" by Anne Veling, which errors if the program does not contain only h, and will print ...
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Russian Roulette

Write a program which plays Russian Roulette! If the program is started, there should be a 5 in 6 chance of it ending normally after printing "I survived!" there should be a 1 in 6 chance of the ...
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Generate Monday Numbers

Monday numbers, as defined by Gamow in this question over on Puzzling, are positive integers N with the following three properties: The decimal representation of N does not contain the digit 0 The ...
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Lots of people on this site use esoteric languages, and since these languages are unusual and hard to understand, they will frequently write an explanation in a certain format. For example, if the ...
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DON'T... do NOT lowercase UPPERCASE this!

Write a program that outputs its input unchanged. However: If all uppercase characters are removed from the program, it lowercases all uppercase letters. If all lowercase characters are removed from ...
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Output the hours at 90 degrees

Today while playing with my kids I noticed that an apparently simple toy in the park hid a challenge. The wheel has a triangle that points to a number, but also has three circles that point to the ...
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Proving that a Russian cryptographic standard is too structured

The aim of this challenge is to find an impossibly short implementation of the following function p, in the langage of your choosing. Here is C code implementing it ...
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Bubbler and 3 others are typing․․․

Task Implement a kind of "some users are typing" system, which can be found in Discord and some other chat clients. If 1 user (say, Bubbler) is typing, output ...
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Tribute to Stan Lee

Unfortunately one of the greatest comic book writers passed away yesterday afternoon. Lots of Hollywood stars, musicians, actors, and many other people are paying tribute to this awesome writer, so we ...
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What temperature is my stove?

My stovetop has 10 (0 through 9) different settings of heat and a very odd way of cycling through them. It always starts at 0 When I hit plus it increments the number, unless the number is 9 in ...
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Render "Digital Clock Style" Numbers

Write the shortest program which will take a string of numbers (of up to at least 20 length) as input, and display the output using the standard digital clock style numbers. For instance for input 81,...
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Print or return the following string: zottffssentettffssenttttttttttttttttttttffffffffffffffffffffsssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnno This is the first ...
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Is it Christmas?

Challenge Given that Christmas is: December Month 12 Day 25 Every year, determine today's date, and whether or not today is Christmas. If it is Christmas, you must print ...
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