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Find the nth Fibonnaci Prime, in the shortest code

The challenge is rather simple: Take a positive whole number \$n\$ as input. Output the \$n\$th Fibonacci prime number, i.e. the \$n\$th Fibonacci number that is also prime. Input can be as an ...
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Is this number secretly Fibonacci?

Background Most of you know what a Fibonacci number is. Some of you may know that all positive integers can be represented as a sum of one or more distinct Fibonacci numbers, according to Zeckendorf'...
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Sequentia Filii Bonacci

Leonardo of Pisa (ca. 1175 - ca. 1245) is better known as Fibonacci. But this is actually a short for the Latin "filius Bonacci" (the son of Bonacci) which was made up during the 18th century (...
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Tips for golfing in Julia

What general tips do you have for golfing in Julia? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to Julia (e.g. "remove comments" is ...
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Tips for golfing in jq

Since jq is the Language Of The Month for September 2021, what general tips do you have for golfing in jq? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least ...
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Golff y Côd - Treiglad

Read this yng Nghymraeg Challenge Given a word in Welsh, output all of the possible mutated forms of the word. Mutations A mutation is a change of the first letter of a word when following certain ...
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Orientation Oriented Programming

Write a program for a specific language that in different orientations performs different tasks. Your code should have at least two non-empty lines and at least two non-empty columns and should ...
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SKI calculus golf: Half of a Church numeral

Background SKI combinator calculus, or simply SKI calculus, is a system similar to lambda calculus, except that SKI calculus uses a small set of combinators, namely ...
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Implement the Fibonacci sequence... Shifted to the right [duplicate]

Background We all know the famous Fibonacci sequence, where each term is the sum of the previous two, with the first term being 0 and the second one being ...
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Fibonacci Sequenze without using loops! [closed]

Here is one more "Challenge"! Today i had a meeting with a friend, and mostly we are a little bit crazy.. He bets, that it is not possible to create a Fibonacci Sequence without using loops. No ...
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Calculate Fibonacci series from nth term to mth term [duplicate]

Your goal is to calculate the sum of Fibonacci series from n th term to m th term (including both terms). No use of / * % or mathematically what they are in your ...
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Recamán's triangular fibonacci

This challenge is based upon three sequences, below are their formulae: Recamán's sequence: a1 = 0; for n > 0, an = an-1 - n if positive and not already in the sequence, otherwise an = an-1 + n ...
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Add the Fibonnaci Sequence to the Lucas Sequence [duplicate]

Background of Lucas Numbers The French mathematician, Edouard Lucas (1842-1891), who gave the name to the Fibonacci Numbers, found a similar series occurs often when he was investigating Fibonacci ...
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Hack Sequence : Simplify Hi = 2014*Hi-1 + 69*Hi-2 [closed]

Can someone help me with simplifying this sequence. I write code to loop through entire n, I am getting timeout. Hack sequence of IndiaHacks-2014 if given as below Hi = 2014*Hi-1 + 69*Hi-2 for (i > ...
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Shortest way to print the first 20 numbers in the fibbonacci sequence with python3 [duplicate]

I was wondering if it was possible to make this code even shorter than it already was. f=lambda x:f(x-1)+f(x-2) if x>1 else 1 [print(f(i))for i in range(20)] ...
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