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Make a program that outputs its own MD5 hash [duplicate]

Challenge: make a program that outputs a MD5 hash of its source code. You should not use tricks that would be considered cheating in a quine sense (discussed here). Using built-in functions and ...
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Proving the shortest quine in a particular language [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Golf you a quine for great good! People have proposed short quines in various languages. Puzzle: Find the shortest non-trivial quine in a language of your choice, and prove ...
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What is the shortest brainfuck quine? [duplicate]

(Apart from the empty program of course) The shortest I could find was this 410 byte beauty: ...
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Write a piece of code that prints out itself [duplicate]

I'm new to this site, so I don't know whether this challenge already appeared: Write a piece of source code, so that after running the code, it prints out exactly (i.e. not longer, not shorter) the ...
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Help us escape the quine factory! Put messages into quines [duplicate]

I've been enslaved in a quine factory. The other workers and I can't communicate with the outside world, we can only slave away making quines all day. The masters will reject any work that isn't a ...
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A quine in WebAssembly? [duplicate]

I couldn't find one online, so here's a fairly trivial challenge: write a quine in WebAssembly text format (there's actually at least one in Wasm binary format). (Edit: the suggested post is probably ...
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"Hello, World!"

So... uh... this is a bit embarrassing. But we don't have a plain "Hello, World!" challenge yet (despite having 35 variants tagged with hello-world, and counting). While this is not the most ...
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Showcase of Languages

Notes This thread is open and unlocked only because the community decided to make an exception. Please do not use this question as evidence that you can ask similar questions here. Please do not ...
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Is this number a prime?

Believe it or not, we do not yet have a code golf challenge for a simple primality test. While it may not be the most interesting challenge, particularly for "usual" languages, it can be nontrivial in ...
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Shortest code to produce infinite output

Write the shortest code you can that produces an infinite output. That's all. You code will only be disqualified if it stops producing output at some point. As always in code golf, the shortest code ...
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Programming Languages Through The Years

In this challenge, users will take turns completeing three fairly simple coding tasks in programming languages that are allowed to be progressively older. The first answer must use a programming ...
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Is this even or odd?

Note: There is not been a vanilla parity test challenge yet (There is a C/C++ one but that disallows the ability to use languages other than C/C++, and other non-vanilla ones are mostly closed too), ...
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Make an error quine!

Your challenge: write a "program", for a language of your choice, that causes the compiler/interpreter/runtime to produce error output when compiling/running your program which is identical to your ...
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Print the last, middle and first character of your code

The challenge is simple: Print the last, middle, and first character of your program's source code, in that order. The middle character is defined as follows, assuming a source length of ...
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Print X without X (cop's thread)

This is the cop's thread of a cops-and-robbers challenge. You can view the robber's thread here A pretty common beginner style question is to print some string, but there's a catch! You need to do it ...
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