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It's Hip to be Square

Challenge So, um, it seems that, while we have plenty of challenges that work with square numbers or numbers of other shapes, we don't have one that simply asks: Given an integer ...
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Is it true? Ask Jelly!

Background Inspired by Octave's (and, by extension, MATL's) very convenient interpretation of truthy/falsy matrices, Jelly got the Ȧ (Octave-style all) atom. Ȧ takes an array as input and returns 1 ...
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Check if an array (or equivalent) has the same number of odd and even numbers - Code Golf Edition!

Inspired by this code review question, I am curious to see what happens if we turn that into a code-golf challenge! The description is easy, the input is an array or any similar data structure with ...
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Bubbler and 3 others are typing․․․

Task Implement a kind of "some users are typing" system, which can be found in Discord and some other chat clients. If 1 user (say, Bubbler) is typing, output ...
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Sums of Consecutive Integers

Before anyone says anything, similar and similar. But this is not a dupe. Some positive integers can be written as the sum of at least two consecutive positive integers. For example, ...
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Reverse factorial function

Given a number n, find x such that x! = n, where both x and n are positive integers. Assume the input n will always be the factorial of a positive integer, so something like n=23 will not be given as ...
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Enumerate an array, grouping duplicates

The objective of this challenge is to take an array of positive integers, and enumerate its indices, grouping like elements. An enumeration without any duplicates is done by just outputting an array ...
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Make the Stretchy Snakes Kiss

A stretchy snake looks something like this: <||=|||:)~ Each separate sequence of vertical bars (|) in a stretchy snake, ...
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Short Deadfish Numbers

Deadfish is one of the best known non Turing-complete programming languages. It has only one accumulator (which starts at 0) to store data, and only four commands: ...
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Is It Mountainous?

Challenge For this challenge, a mountainous string is one that conforms to the grammar rule M: x(Mx)* where at each production, the all x's are the same character. ...
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Fill the rows, columns, and diagonals of an NxN grid with 1 through N

Task Given input N, generate and output an NxN grid where each row, column and the two diagonals contain the numbers 1 to N (or 0 to ...
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Tips for golfing in Brachylog

Brachylog is a language that's beginning to rise in prominence in code-golfing recently (and just received a major update with a terser syntax). Like Prolog, it has the advantage that it can often ...
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Panfix to parenthesized infix

Quylthulg is a language by Chris Pressey that attempts to solve the problem of infix notation using what it calls panfix: like postfix, panfix does not require the deployment of arcane contrivances ...
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Convert an Expression to Panfix Notation

I was browsing esolangs, and chanced upon this language: One interesting thing about this language, is that it doesn't use prefix, postfix, or infix, it uses all ...
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RoboZZle interpreter

Your task is to write a RoboZZle interpreter. If you're not familiar with the game, please watch the video at or read my description below. A robot lives on a rectangular grid of squares ...
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