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Quickly! Group together!

As of 27/12/20, the challenge is over as no new answers were posted on the 26th. With an astounding 55 points (and 21 answers), the winner is pppery! A quick shout out to the top 5 scorers as well: ...
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Pristine and Unique Code Bowling

Your challenge is simple: write as long of a pristine program as possible in the language of your choice using only unique bytes. (The full definition of a pristine program, copied from that link, is ...
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Am I being run backwards?

Your task is to write a program, function, or snippet that will output one value if run forward, and another if run backward. The program must run without errors. The output can be any two distinct ...
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Mutually Exclusive Quines

Your challenge is simple. Write two programs that share no characters which output each other. Example Two programs P and Q are mutually exclusive quines if: P outputs Q Q outputs P There is no ...
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Filthy and Unique

In this question I will talk about programs as strings, this is strings of bytes, not characters. How your resultant program is rendered or displayed is not important to this challenge, only how it ...
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Quining a Pristine World

This challenge is based off of Helka Homba's question Programming a Pristine World. From that question, the definition of a pristine program is: Let's define a pristine program as a program that ...
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Priming a Pristine World

Heavily inspired by Programming a Pristine World. Also closely related to this challenge. Let's define a pristine prime as a number which is itself prime, but will no longer be prime if you remove ...
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Shortest pristine truth machine

In this challenge, the goal is to create a pristine truth machine in as few bytes as possible. For reference, a truth machine does the following: Takes input, which is always 0 or 1 If the input is 0,...
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Pristine Polyglots

As the title says, you are to create a pristine program in as many languages as possible. A pristine program, taken from here, is: Let's define a pristine program as a program that does not have any ...
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Longest pristine(ish) codepoint run

Your challenge is to create the longest run of characters with incrementing Unicode codepoints in a pristine program as you can. To keep things simple, I'll abridge the definition for this challenge ...
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Code that detects changes on itself [closed]

Challenge: Write a piece of code that only runs when the code is not being altered. If you change anything, the code should detect this and deny running. Of course, it should not be possible to just ...
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