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Add two numbers

Input: Two integers. Preferably decimal integers, but other forms of numbers can be used. These can be given to the code in standard input, as arguments to the program or function, or as a list. ...
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Tips for code-golfing in C#

What general tips do you have for golfing in C#? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to C# (e.g. "remove comments" is not an ...
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Tips for golfing in x86/x64 machine code

I noticed that there's no such question, so here it is: Do you have general tips for golfing in x86/x64 machine code? If the tip only applies to a certain environment or calling convention, please ...
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Tips for golfing in GolfScript

What, this post doesn't exist yet? Of course, GolfScript is made for golfing, so you might think that no specific tips are really needed. But to make full use of GolfScript's features, you need to ...
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Implement String Projection

Given two strings: a string s and an alphabet a, implement string projection in the shortest code possible. String projection ...
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Special String reformatting

This challenge is to take an alphabetical string as input and to apply the following conversion: The first of each type of character of the string must stay, and must be immediately followed by an ...
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Remove repeated words from a string

Remove all repeating words from an inputted sentence. Input will be something like cat dog cat dog bird dog Snake snake Snake and the output should be ...
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Making Sandwiches

Introduction Bob runs a deli. His deli serves sandwiches to its customers. However, it is a bit unusual. At Bob's deli, instead of telling Bob what they want, customers show Bob an ASCII art drawing ...
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Filter an array so that duplicate items are removed

In the shortest amount of code in any programming language, filter out the duplicate items in an array of which the order is irrelevant. Here are some test cases: ...
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How's your string theory? [closed]

Back to the basics! You're in you comp sci class again, except wiser and golfier. You have the tools, you have the power… but do you have the skill? Probably. Crash Course for the non-Computer ...
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