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Code that will only execute once

Goal The goal of this challenge is to write code that will execute once and only once. This means basically that it damages the program, script, or environment in some way. If rebooting the system ...
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Shortest program that continuously allocates memory

Write a program which runs forever and allocates more and more memory on the heap the longer it runs, at least until you reach the limit of the operating system on the amount of memory that can be ...
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Blinking twelve

Many electronic devices, specially old ones, will show a blinking 12:00 when the time has not been set. The purpose of this challenge is to recreate this. ...
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Shortest program that throws StackOverflow Error [closed]

Write a program that throws a StackOverflow Error or the equivalent in the language used. For example, in java, the program should throw java.lang.StackOverflowError...
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Tips for golfing in Bash

What general tips do you have for golfing in Bash? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to Bash (e.g. "remove comments" is not ...
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Non-discriminating Programming

We say a string is non-discriminating if each of the string's characters appears the same number of times and at least twice. Examples "aa!1 1 !a !1" is non-...
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Enlarge ASCII art

In this challenge, you must take multiline ASCII art as input, such as: ...
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Write an interpreter for *

The task is simple. Write an interpreter for the language *. Here's a bigger link to the wiki. There are only three valid * programs: * Prints "Hello World" <...
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Create a memory leak, without any fork bombs [closed]

Your task is to create a memory leak. This is a program that uses loads of memory, until the computer runs out and has to do some swapping to save itself from running out. The only way that the memory ...
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Ah, why is there a bug in my program?

This challenge is inspired by @LuisMendo's MATL answer to my "binary multiples" challenge. Task Pick a code-golf challenge that is open and that has been posted before this one; let me call it the "...
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Shortest Code to Legitimately Slack Off

I'm a developer, and I don't feel like doing my work. I know from XKCD that the best excuse for slacking off is that your code's compiling. Because of this, I think I need some code that will compile ...
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Shortest Code that creates a Deadlock

Write the shortest code to create a deadlock. Code execution must halt, so this doesn't work: ...
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PPCG Jeopardy: Robbers

How well do you know the site? Let's find out. This is a cops-and-robbers challenge. Cop's thread. As a robber, you need to: Find a non-deleted, non-closed challenge that matches a cop's ...
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Print, Increment, Decrement, Alias - Interpret Prindeal

Prindeal (pronounced prin-dee-al) is a new esoteric programming language that only has four commands: print, increment, decrement, and alias. Despite its minimalism, complex mathematical operations ...
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Write an interpreter for my esoteric language Jumper

I have thought up esoteric language Jumper. Later you will see why. It operates with random-access-memory with bytes as cells. RAM is zero indexed and initially filled with zeros. When trying access ...
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