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Largest Number Printable

Your goal is to write a program that prints a number. The bigger the number, the more points you'll get. But be careful! Code length is both limited and heavily weighted in the scoring function. Your ...
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Draw the Ukrainian Flag

As you probably know, there is a war going on in Ukraine. I noticed that it seems nobody has posted a Ukrainian flag challenge yet, so I thought I'd do it myself in support of Ukraine. The Challenge ...
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The Mystery String Printer (Robbers)

The cops thread can be found here: The Mystery String Printer (Cops) Your challenge Choose a submission from the cops thread, and print out the string from an answer in that thread. The submission ...
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Code ladder, Robbers

This is the robbers' thread. The cops' thread goes here. Write a code that has the same number of bytes as the cop post and where the revealed characters are identical. The code must produce ...
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Output a random unary string

Your task is simple: output the letter x a random number of times. Every possible length of xs must have a non-zero probability ...
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Return the flipped version of a number

When a number is shown on a calculator, it's possible to consider what various transformations of that number would look like. For example, on a seven-segment display, 2 is shown like this: And when ...
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Numbers with multiple runs of ones

Task Find the set of numbers such that the binary representation contains two or more runs of 1 separated by at least one 0. ...
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Display a number in Toki Pona

Toki Pona is a constructed language with 137ish words, designed to constrain the speaker to expressing ideas in a simple and straightforward manner, reducing ideas to more essential forms. Often, ...
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Index and return 3 characters

The challenge is simple: Read 3 letters from a system input¹ and convert them to numbers (A-1, B-2, C-3...Z-26)². Print each of those numbers in the order the ...
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Find the Cross Product

The cross product of two three-dimensional vectors \$\vec a\$ and \$\vec b\$ is the unique vector \$\vec c\$ such that: \$\vec c\$ is orthogonal to both \$\vec a\$ and \$\vec b\$ The magnitude of \$...
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Simple Printing Arrows

For golfing practice, I have been doing the assignments in my girlfriend's Intro to Python class. I found that for this assignment, there were multiple strategies that came very close in character ...
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Ascii smiley face challenge

I made this because, although we have a bunch of other questions involving smiley faces, there is nothing for just printing an ASCII smiley face with as little code as possible. Anyway, print this ...
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