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Constructing Solar Panels from Squares

I'm designing a new space station for generic super-villain purposes (something something megalaser), but I'm having trouble designing the solar panels. My genius team of scientists can calculate ...
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How long is the number in this base?

Given a positive integer \$n\$ and another positive integer \$b\$ (\$1 < b < 36\$), return the number of digits/length of \$n\$ in base \$b\$ ...
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Split a list at the second occurrence of the first element

Why should you golf in Haskell? Find out here. In that answer, Zgarb defines a task: Let's define a function f that splits a list at the second occurrence of the ...
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Tips for restricted source in zsh

Adapted from tips for restricted-source in Python Just like code-golf, restricted-source pushes one to exploit quirks and hidden features of the zsh language. While we already have a place to collect ...
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Is it a lobster number?

Introduction A "lobster number", by my own designation, is a number that contains within itself all of its prime factors. The "lobster" description was inspired by the recent ...
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"Hello, World!" in zero lines of code

NPM's sloc is a moderately popular tool for counting source lines of code in a file. The tool will attempt to strip out both single and multiline comments and count the remaining lines in order to get ...
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Tips for Creating/Maintaining a Golfing Language

Creating a golfing language can be hard. Let's help budding golfing language creators out and provide some helpful tips on how to create one. I'm looking for tips on: The design process ...
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Produce a List of Rotonyms 1

Rotonyms 1 ROT13 ("rotate by 13 places") is a simple letter substitution cipher that replaces a letter with the 13th letter after it, in the alphabet. So, A ...
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Golf the Chinese 9*9 multiple table

Output the following table: ...
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The Programming Language Quiz, Mark II - Cops

A repost of this challenge. Meta discussion. Sandbox post. Body of the question similar to the original Robber's challenge This cops and robbers is now (08/03/2018) closed to further competing cop ...
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Is it a substring of itself?

Given a string, return whether the string is a substring of the program's source code. Standard quine rules apply, meaning you cannot read your own source code. The length of the input is guaranteed ...
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Output diagonal positions of me squared

Given a number n, Output an ordered list of 1-based indices falling on either of the diagonals of an n*n square matrix. ...
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Seeking Secret Swapping Sequences

This is a cops-and-robbers challenge, the robbers thread can be found here. Your task is to write some code that outputs an OEIS sequence, and contains the name of the sequence in the code (...
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Err, Where am I?

Oh no! I'm trapped in a big forest (Okay, not really, but just assume it) and I don't know where I am! Thankfully, I brought my laptop. But when I searched 'Maps', It said 'No results', and I'm ...
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Make a Bubble-wrap simulator

Bubble-wraps are maximum-level entertainment. Everyone can agree to that. Now, you will make even computers enjoy bubble-wraps. Specs You will be given two integers, w, and h.(each are responsively ...
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