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Sign change, loop and display with minimal padding

Input: Two integers: one negative, one positive. Output: On the first line output lowest to highest. On the second line we've removed the highest and lowest numbers and sign-changed all individual ...
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Seriously, GolfScript, CJam, or Pyth?

Some time ago, the following question was asked: GolfScript, CJam, or Pyth? Based on the title only, I thought that it would be a very nice challenge, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a question ...
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Rearranging a set of numbers into order

The Question Given a set of 9 numbers, m[], which contains only numbers 1 through 9 in a random order, with no two numbers being the same, create a program in any ...
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Hilbert-Curvify a Matrix

Inspired by this question Another way to unroll a 2D image into a 1D string is to use an Hilbert Curve. There are many version of this curve, depending on the number of iterations used while ...
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Notice the pattern in the below sequence: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, 0.00001 and so on, until reaching 0.{one hundred zeros}1 Then, continued: ...
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Iterated Dice Rolling

Given an input n where 3 <= n <= 25, perform the following steps, starting with a single ...
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Reverse-Engineer the N-Bonacci sequence[s]

EDIT: I will be accepting an answer Monday, 2/15/2016. May the bytes be ever in your favor! In his "Print the N-Bonacci Sequence" challenge, @DJMcGoathem describes the N-bonacci sequences, wherein ...
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Detecting anagrams within a Parent String

Given two strings, a parent string and a query string respectively, your task is to determine how many times the query string, or an anagram of the query string; appears in the parent string, in a ...
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Build a Simple Roguelike

This challenge is based on one proposed on the usenet group a few years ago. I can't find the original newsgroup post, but you can have a look a the Github repo of ...
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Tips for restricted source in zsh

Adapted from tips for restricted-source in Python Just like code-golf, restricted-source pushes one to exploit quirks and hidden features of the zsh language. While we already have a place to collect ...
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