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Let's do the Wave!

Input: A string (the wave-snippet) with a length >= 2. A positive integer n >= 1. Output: We output a single-line wave. ...
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Tips for Creating/Maintaining a Golfing Language

Creating a golfing language can be hard. Let's help budding golfing language creators out and provide some helpful tips on how to create one. I'm looking for tips on: The design process ...
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Summation from a to b

The program has an input of a and b, and outputs the sum of numbers from a to b, inclusive. Score is in bytes. As always, standard loopholes are disallowed. If your input is in the format [a,b], +3 ...
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Shortest Sorted Hello World

Write a program that takes no input and prints Hello, World! to stdout or your language's closest alternative. The catch is that each line in your program must only ...
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Palindromizing the strings

Introduction For the ones who don't know, a palindrome is when a string is equal to the string backwards (with exception to interpunction, spaces, etc.). An example of a palindrome is: ...
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Shortest Minmod Function

The minmod function is a variant of the familiar min, which appears in slope-limiting high-resolution schemes for partial differential equations. Given a number of slopes, it picks out the flattest ...
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Draw an Empty Scrabble Board

A standard Scrabble board is a 15×15 grid of spaces to place letter tiles. Most of the spaces are blank but some are double word scores (pink), triple word scores (red), double letter scores (...
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Print out the first N characters of your code

You should write a program or function that receives a positive integer N as input and prints out the first N characters of your ...
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Is it a lobster number?

Introduction A "lobster number", by my own designation, is a number that contains within itself all of its prime factors. The "lobster" description was inspired by the recent ...
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Home on the Range of Lists

This challenge is simply to return a list of lists of integers, similar to the Python range function, except that each successive number must be that deep in lists. Rules: Create a program or a non-...
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40 Numbers in 9 Bytes

There are 40 ways a directed Hamiltonian path can be arranged on a 3×3 grid: This graphic (thanks Sp3000!) shows only the 20 undirected paths. Traverse each colored line in both directions for the 40 ...
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Code Golf of Death [closed]

Write some code that causes a BSOD or kernel panic! Rules: On Windows, you must cause a BugCheck (Blue Screen of Death), on Linux (or other *nix systems) you must cause a kernel panic. Must not ...
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How many times will a bell tower ring?

Introduction A bell tower will ring its bells every hour, n times, with n being the the current hour on a 12 hour clock. For ...
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Do Matrix Multiplication!

In mathematics, matrix multiplication or the matrix product is a binary operation that produces a matrix from two matrices. The definition is motivated by linear equations and linear transformations ...
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How long is the number in this base?

Given a positive integer \$n\$ and another positive integer \$b\$ (\$1 < b < 36\$), return the number of digits/length of \$n\$ in base \$b\$ ...
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