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Make your language unusable

Try to write some code in your language and make it not satisfying our criteria of being a programming language any more. A language satisfies our criteria (simplified version for this challenge) of ...
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The Letter A without A

Your task is to display the letter "A" alone, without anything else, except any form of trailing newlines if you cannot avoid them, doing so in a program and/or snippet. Code that returns (instead of ...
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Count up forever

Write a program that counts up forever, starting from one. Rules: Your program must log to STDOUT or an acceptable alternative, if ...
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Add two numbers

Input: Two integers. Preferably decimal integers, but other forms of numbers can be used. These can be given to the code in standard input, as arguments to the program or function, or as a list. ...
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The Programming Language Quiz, Mark II - Cops

A repost of this challenge. Meta discussion. Sandbox post. Body of the question similar to the original Robber's challenge This cops and robbers is now (08/03/2018) closed to further competing cop ...
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Print all integers

Write a program or function which will provably print all integers exactly once given infinite time and memory. Possible outputs could be: ...
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Draw an asterisk triangle

Inspired by a task for Programming 101, here's a challenge that hopefully isn't too easy (or a duplicate). Input: A positive integer n >= 1. Output: ...
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Golf all the 16 logic gates with 2 inputs and 1 output!

For example, the gate A and B is a logic gate with 2 inputs and 1 output. There are exactly 16 of them, because: each logic gate takes two inputs, which can be ...
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No strings (or numbers) attached

If you like this, consider participating in: The Official Dyalog APL 2016 Year Game The monthly Dyalog APL 2017 Code Golf Challenge Make 12 snippets/expressions, in the same language, that result in ...
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Shortest program that throws StackOverflow Error [closed]

Write a program that throws a StackOverflow Error or the equivalent in the language used. For example, in java, the program should throw java.lang.StackOverflowError...
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Making Future Posts Runnable Online with Stack Snippets [closed]

Stack Snippets were recently added to PPCG! Reminiscent of JSFiddle, Stack Snippets allow HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to be run directly in posts! Here is a very simple Stack Snippet: ...
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Is it a leap year?

This challenge is quite simple. You will take an input which will be a year from 1801 to 2400, and output if it is a leap year or not. Your input will have no newlines or trailing spaces: ...
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Play a sound, any sound [closed]

Your program has to make the computer produce a sound, any sound. Shortest code wins, not sooner than 10 days after the first valid answer. If there is a tie, the one submitted sooner, wins. The ...
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Depalindromize this string!

Given a palindrome generated according to this challenge, depalindromize it. Test cases ...
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The Smart Person's Mirage

Once upon a time, I was reading this question/answer on Quora Are there really programmers with computer science degrees who cannot pass the FizzBuzz test This code is given as the obvious answer <...
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