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Shortest code that return SIGSEGV among the given languages [duplicate]

I come across a question in a coding competion "write a code that returns SIGSEGV(Segmentation fault ) " . Points were given on the basis of length of code. The prgramming languages available ...
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Dump core on Linux [duplicate]

Write the shortest program which, when run with no arguments, stdin, or user input, triggers a core dump. Your code must behave this way when run on some common out-of-the-box Linux distribution. ...
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Shortest code that throws SIGBUS [duplicate]

We've had challenges for SIGSEGV and SIGILL so why not... Write the shortest code that results in a Bus Error (SIGBUS) in any programming language. Your program can't call ...
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Shortest code to produce infinite output

Write the shortest code you can that produces an infinite output. That's all. You code will only be disqualified if it stops producing output at some point. As always in code golf, the shortest code ...
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I'm not the language you're looking for!

Isn't it annoying when you find a piece of code and you don't know what language it was written in? This challenge attempts to somewhat solve this. Challenge You will have to write a program that ...
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Challenge: Write a piece of code that quits itself [closed]

I'm searching (am I?) for a piece of code that quits immediately - in an absolutely unconventional way. This does not mean: System.exit((int) 'A'); (Java). It ...
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Shortest code to throw SIGILL

Background We already have a challenge about throwing SIGSEGV, so why not a challenge about throwing SIGILL? What is SIGILL? SIGILL is the signal for an illegal instruction at the processor, which ...
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Crash your favorite compiler [closed]

Write a perfectly legal code in a decent language of your choice whose compiling will either crash the compiler or send it into an infinite loop (infinite compile time). Restrictions: Use a standard ...
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There, I broke it (with scissors)

Challenge Given a string describing a cutting rule and another string, cut parts out of the second string using the rule described by the first string. Both strings will consist of letters ...
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Hello World socket server [duplicate]

Write the shortest program that answers "Hello, World" to a network connection. Conditions: Program shall listen on port 12345 When a client connects, program shall write "Hello, World" to the newly ...
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