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Evolution of "Hello World!"

This contest is officially over, the winner is jimmy23013. Congratulations! The challenge is to make a program that prints Hello World! to stdout. The catch is that ...
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Unscramble the Source Code [robber thread for cracking attempts]

This is the companion thread to the main Unscramble the Source Code challenge. If you think you have managed to unscramble one of the cop answers, you should post your solution as the answer to this ...
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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength

As George Orwell wrote in 1984: War is peaceFreedom is slaveryIgnorance is strength Write a program or function that takes in one of the six main words from the Orwell quote and outputs its ...
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Making Future Posts Runnable Online with Stack Snippets [closed]

Stack Snippets were recently added to PPCG! Reminiscent of JSFiddle, Stack Snippets allow HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to be run directly in posts! Here is a very simple Stack Snippet: ...
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Add without addition (or any of the 4 basic arithmetic operators)

Problem: Your goal is to add two input numbers without using any of the following math operators: +,-,*,/. Additionally, you can't use any built-in functions that ...
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Cops - square times square root

Note: This is the cops' thread, where one should post the scrambled code. Here is the robbers' thread where the cracked source should be posted and linked to the cop's answer. Task: Write the ...
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Quine Anagrams! (Cops' Thread)

This is the cops' thread. For the robbers' thread, click here. Cops' Task First, write a quine in a language of your choosing. Next, scramble the quine. Make sure to do this well as the robbers will ...
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Recycling for the New Year

A good resolution for 2015 is to live more sustainably. We'll start by recycling. Recycling code, that is! Your task is to print the number 2015 to STDOUT, with or ...
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Appearing a unique number of times

Your task is to write a program or function that takes as input a list of positive integers and determines if there are any two integers in the list, that both appear the same number of times. For ...
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Recover the mutated source code

In a very unusual accident involving a small sample of radium, an electrocuted whale, and three gummy bears, some of The Management™'s source code has been mutated. Little does The Management™'s boss ...
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Code Crosswords

This is a cops-and-robbers challenge. Answer here if you are a cop (crossword maker), answer the companion question if you are a robber (crossword solver). You may take on both roles. Cops (Puzzlers) ...
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