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Evolution of "Hello World!"

This contest is officially over, the winner is jimmy23013. Congratulations! The challenge is to make a program that prints Hello World! to stdout. The catch is that ...
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Convert C header names to C++ header names

In the C standard library, header names end with a .h suffix: stdio.h In C++, those header names are available in an ...
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Reversed Engineered from Uniqueness (Cop's Thread)

Given the output of the cop's program (o), the byte-count (n) and the number of unique bytes (...
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Programming with a Sporadic Shift Key

There's something wrong with your keyboard. The Shift key has a mind of its own. Every time you type a character you have no idea whether it will come out shifted or not (though it is 50-50). Besides ...
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Counting characters

Write a function or program that accepts one character (or a string of length 1) as input, and outputs the number of times that character occurs inside the code. This program must be a Proper Quine, ...
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Compute the inverse XOR

Let f be the function that maps a bitfield ({0 1}) of size n+1 to bitfield of size ...
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Percent-Encode a String

Introduction As some of you may know, URLs actually have a list of characters that do special things. For example, the / character separates parts of the URL, and ...
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Could They Be The Same Day Of The Week?

Challenge Given a non-negative integer, output whether it is possible for two dates (of the Gregorian calendar) differing by exactly that many years to share a day of the week. A year is assumed to be ...
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Golf Practice: Pyth [closed]

This is a challenge about the the tricks and optimizations that can be used when golfing in Pyth. Pyth golfers may recognize many of the tricks involved. However, unfamiliar approaches and constructs ...
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CipherSaber encryption

Implement a CipherSaber encryption program, as described below. Guidelines: The smallest entry, in bytes, wins. However, in a departure from code-golf norms, you are welcome to post interesting ...
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Generate Probabilities around a Numpad

Inspired by this question earlier today, I'd like to see interesting ways various programming languages can turn a numpad into probabilities. Commonly, tile-based games will allow you to use a numpad ...
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