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Print Leonardo DiCaprio without using any of the letters in his name [duplicate]

The Oscars are coming up soon and we all know who's going to win Best Actor in a Leading Role this year right? The great Leonardo DiCaprio of course! Despite his superb performances in all of his ...
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Write 'hello world' to standard output without using certain common words - C# only [duplicate]

The challenge is to write the string hello world to your processes standard output, using as few characters of code as possible. The following restrictions apply: ...
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Print "beep boop bop" using complicated methods [duplicate]

This challenge is pretty simple: you need to alert / print / show to the user the text "beep boop bop" (or "beep\nboop\nbop", with newlines), but it needs to be obfuscated. (where you couldn't see ...
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"Hello, World!"

So... uh... this is a bit embarrassing. But we don't have a plain "Hello, World!" challenge yet (despite having 35 variants tagged with hello-world, and counting). While this is not the most ...
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Hello World 0.0!

source: Dilbert, September 8, 1992 I'm hoping to add a new twist on the classic "Hello World!" program. Code a program that outputs Hello World! without: String/...
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Weirdest obfuscated "Hello World!" [closed]

Task: Create an obfuscated program that prints Hello World! (exactly like that). Your program may not have any strings in it. Rules: You can use any programming ...
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Alphanumeric Hello World [closed]

Your goal is to write "Hello, World!" (minus the quotes). This is a popularity-contest, so most up votes wins. Code length will be used to break ties. Anything goes, as long as it is within the ...
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Obfuscation Challenge [closed]

You are to write a program that does one of the following. Only displays "Hello World" does nothing else Quits and nothing else (no output, no errors.) Takes one line of input, parses it as an ...
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Shortest Sorted Hello World

Write a program that takes no input and prints Hello, World! to stdout or your language's closest alternative. The catch is that each line in your program must only ...
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Interpret ><> (Fish)

While ><> is not a popular language, it can be good for golfing and has been used on this website. It was inspired by Befunge and has some similarities in its instructions. Required Commands:...
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Hello world with a twist

Your goal: to write a piece of code that will result in the classic result of "Hello, world!" being printed to STDOUT or equivalent. Rules: Code must be entirely in printing ASCII. All code must be ...
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Scrolling Marquee

Following my entry to the Obfuscated Hello World I thought it might be fun to share the underlying code. But why just show the code, lets make it a golf too! Challenge Write a script that scrolls a ...
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Produce the word 'codegolf' without using any of its characters in code [closed]

You need to produce the word codegolf Rules: None of the characters of the word codegolf (i.e. 'c', 'o', 'd', 'e', 'g', 'o', 'l' and 'f') in either case can ...
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Build a golfing language with me

A lot of PPCG users helped with the creation of this challenge, both in chat and the Sandbox, specifically Martin Ender, AdmBorkBork, Emigna and user202729 Our community has found it necessary to ...
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I'll time your function, but I don't work weekends

My boss needs to know how long it takes to add together two integers. But, I don't like to work weekends, and I think its fair that my code doesn't either. The problem is, the boss is a demanding guy ...
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