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Watch 'em fall like dominoes

You live inside a terminal that is 80 characters wide. You are bored, so you decide to play dominoes. No, not the boring kind that look like Scrabble, the fun kind where you spend an hour setting them ...
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Merge Two Paragraphs with Removing Duplicated Lines

Challenge The goal of this challenge is to make a function that takes two paragraphs and output a concatenated result with removing the duplicated overlapped lines due to redundancy (but a single copy ...
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Create this "String Mix-Up" function in as few bytes as possible

This is my first time here at Code Golf SE so feel free to add your input/advice/suggestions to improve my post if necessary. The week after my computer science exam, the solutions were publicly ...
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What is the average of n, the closest prime to n, the square of n and the closest Fibonacci number to n?

This is a math problem which takes quite many things into question, making it rather challenging, and as you might have guessed, it's a code golf, so it should be as short as possible as well. The ...
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Print all odd numbers from 0 to 100000

My teacher gave me a simple problem which I should solve with a code tiny as possible. I should print all odd numbers from 0 to 100000 into a HTML document using javascript. ...
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Determine Beckett Grading Service (BGS) Final Grade

Introduction: Beckett Grading Service (aka BGS), is a company which encapusulates and grades Trading Card Game (TCG) cards (i.e. sport cards, Magic The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. etc.). The ...
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Can I exit the maze with this many bombs?

Inspired by this Puzzling challenge, and easier version of my previous challenge. Challenge A 2D rectangular grid is given, where each cell is either an empty space or a wall. You start at the top ...
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Convert Magic the Gathering colours to a Colour based deck name

Magic the gathering has many unique names for colour combinations in decks, as an example when Blue and White appear together in a deck, the deck maye sometimes be named after the Ravnican Guild that ...
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What did I just play? Translate guitar fingerings to chords

Related: Music: what's in this chord?, Notes to Tablature, Generating guitar tabs?, Translate number pairs to guitar notes Given a guitar fingering, output the chord it represents. You can use ...
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Permutation? Permutatino!

Specifications Your program must can take in an integer n, then take in n more strings (containing only alphanumeric characters) ...
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Include a JavaScript script with JavaScript

To dynamically include a JavaScript file in a web page, you'd normally insert a <script> tag pointing to your script. For example: ...
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Tips for golfing in CoffeeScript

What tricks do you know to make CoffeeScript code shorter? CoffeeScript is language that compiles into JavaScript ("transpiles" into ES3, to be exact). The golden rule is "It's just JavaScript", ...
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Count regex matches

Your task Given a simple regular expression, you have to count how many strings of length n have a match of length n with the ...
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Tips for golfing in Elixir

Elixir is a relatively new functional language, which I've taken a deep interest in. I'd like to get general tips about golfing in Elixir and learn techniques that can be applied to code-golf problems ...
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Across the alphabet

Across the alphabet In this challenge, you have trouble remembering the letters of the alphabet. To circumvent this, you go up and down the alphabet, till you get to the letter. Because you want ...
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