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Tips for golfing in Japt

Now that I'm thoroughly addicted to Code Golf, it's probably about time that I try to pick up a few golfing languages. Given that I play almost exclusively in JavaScript, Japt seems like the logical ...
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Chris Pine's "Deaf Grandma"

I'm a mentor at RubyLearning and one of the exercises we give to our students is the "Deaf Grandma" exercise from Chris Pine's book "Learn to Program". Here's the description: Write a Deaf Grandma ...
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Tournament Format Synonyms

I spent all of today at a Super Smash Bros. tournament, and I started thinking about some of the terminology we use when describing sets. These are the three kinds of sets that I see played at ...
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Counter-Fibonacci Sequences

Given three numbers m,n and p, your task is to print a list/array of length p starting with m and n and each element after p represents the difference of the 2 numbers before it, m-n (Counter-...
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A calculator as a list of numbers and operators

Your task is to take a list of arguments that are either integers or operators, and parse them like so: There is a current operator, which starts as +. Each time an operator is found, the current ...
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There's an echo in my array... echo in my array... my array

Help! I seem to have an annoying echo in some of my arrays, and I'd like to get rid of it. When this occurs, the original array repeats itself somewhere in the middle causing the values to be added ...
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Generating the alphabet in JavaScript

I'm pretty sure there's not a better way to do this but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I'm tired of typing out a='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'. Cool languages ...
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Random dice tipping

In a standard dice (die) the numbers are arranged so that opposite faces add to seven. Write the shortest possible program in your preferred language which outputs a random throw followed by 9 random ...
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I really wanted a rhombus, but all I got was this stupid rectangle

Given only a straightedge and compass, inscribe a rhombus inside the given rectangle, sharing two opposite points. Input Input is the dimensions of the rectangle. In the example shown, that would be <...
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Produce a List of Rotonyms 2

Rotonyms 2 A "Rotonym" is a word that ROT13s into another word (in the same language). For this challenge, we'll use an alternate definition: a "Rotonym" is a word that circular shifts/rotates into ...
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Generate a Kolakoski sequence [duplicate]

Definition1 A Kolakoski sequence is a self-describing infinite sequence {kn} of alternating blocks of 1's and 2's, given by the following rules: k0 = 1 kn = the length of the (n+1)'th ...
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Triple-balanced numbers

Description We consider an integer with at least 3 digits triple-balanced if, when split into three parts, the digits in every part sum up to the same number. We split numbers as follows: ...
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Quoting Big Brother

Task: Have your program randomly choose one of the following two quotes at runtime and print that one quote, exactly as shown. 1: ...
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Golf a Compute interpreter

Introduction Compute is a esoteric joke language. From the esolangs entry: Compute has no required syntax and has the power to solve any and all problems. It is smart enough to interpret any human ...
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Split along groups

You are going to be given a string containing some alphabetic characters along with [ and ]. Your task is to split into ...
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