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Write a Polyquine

A polyquine is both quine and polyglot.1 You are to write a quine which is valid in at least two different languages. This is code golf, so the shortest answer (in bytes) wins. 1 I made that up. Or ...
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Mutually Exclusive Quines

Your challenge is simple. Write two programs that share no characters which output each other. Example Two programs P and Q are mutually exclusive quines if: P outputs Q Q outputs P There is no ...
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Interquine - Two programs that output each other in a loop

Program A outputs program B's code when run, and B outputs A's source. Requirements: Only one language across both programs Programs are different. One program that outputs itself does not qualify. ...
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Can you Meta Quine?

Similar to other quine puzzles (more specifically, this one), write a program that produces the source for itself. Here's the new twist: The code produced should NOT be identical to the source. ...
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Mutual Negative Quines

This was inspired by Print a Negative of your Code and Golf a mutual quine. Consider a rectangle of characters, that meet the following restrictions: Consists solely of printable ASCII characters ...
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Implement ROT-47... in ROT-47

Challenge: Implement ROT-47 in code that works as both itself and as the ROT-47 version of itself. Scoring: Your score is calculated as a percentage of used, ROT-47 eligible bytes in total of both ...
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Cheating Cyclic Quine

Concept Write a program that outputs code in its programming language. That code, when executed, must output the original program. Rules Since this is a cheating quine, you can read the original ...
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Generate a random program in your favorite language [closed]

We all heard of testing compilers using randomly generated inputs. Your task is to write a program to generate a valid program (including no undefined behavior) in your favorite language. The ...
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Quine that takes as input the name of a language and outputs the same thing implemented in the input language

From Quine central: Write a quine that takes as input the name of a language and outputs the same thing implemented in the input language. The source article has something you can work from, but as ...
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Write a third order quine

This challenge is an extension of 'Golf a mutual quine'. Using three languages of your choice, create a third order Ouroboros program. That is, in language A, write a program pA which outputs ...
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Codegolf: Quine and Antiquine

This challenge is similar to Can you Meta Quine? A quine is a program that produces itself on STDOUT. This challenge is to produce a program A which when run produces a program B on STDOUT. Program B ...
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Cyclic strings, hidden programs

Write 3 programs that do the following task: Let A, B, C source codes of those three programs; if A runs BC is produced as output, if B runs CA is produced, if C runs AB is produced; so each program ...
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Quine Challenge I

Challenge In this task you have to write a program that will take input an integer N (-1e9 <= N < 0 && 0 < N <= +1e9), then compute T = (abs(N) % M+1),if N is positive ...
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Period 2 Reversed Quine

Your task is to write a program that outputs its own source code in reverse. However, when the reversed code is run, it should output the source code, facing the correct direction. Example Say your ...
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Cyclic Weak Levenquine

This question asking us to make a "Cyclic Levenquine" has gone unanswered. So today we will ask a slightly simpler version. In this challenge we will define a K-Levenquine to be a program whose ...
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