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Tips for golfing in JavaScript

What general tips do you have for golfing in JavaScript? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to JavaScript (e.g. "remove ...
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Tips for golfing in <all languages>

The aim of this post is to gather all the golfing tips that can be easily applied to <all languages> rather than a specific one. Only post answers that its ...
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Is it a leap year?

This challenge is quite simple. You will take an input which will be a year from 1801 to 2400, and output if it is a leap year or not. Your input will have no newlines or trailing spaces: ...
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Encode the date in Christmas Eve format

The day this post was published was Christmas Eve. Tomorrow will be Christmas. Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve. In two days it will be ...
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Days in indexed month

This simple challenge is very similar to this one: How many days in a month? The only difference is you yield the number of days in a month given the index of the month instead of its name. The ...
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Minecraft Mirrored

This is Calvin. Just trying to get 20 rep so this user can chat in the PPCG Minecraft Server chatroom. Write a program or function that takes in a positive integer. If the integer is even (2, 4, 6, ....
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What year will it be in n seconds?

You are given an integer n as input, and, regardless of the current date, must return the calendar year (Gregorian calendar, other calendars not allowed) taking ...
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Does this month start on a Monday?

June 2020 is a month in which June 1st corresponds to Monday, June 2nd corresponds to Tuesday, ... June 7th corresponds to Sunday. For reference, here's the cal of ...
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Which weekday was it?

This challenge, I hope, is simple to understand. Given a date-string (given in any format you prefer, so long as it has 4 digits of year and 2 digits of day and month), calculate the weekday for the ...
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Today is the Center

Given a date as input in any convenient format, output a calendar with that date as the exact center of a five-week window. The header of the calendar must include the two-letter abbreviations for the ...
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Next Friday the 13th

What is the shortest program that can predict the next time Friday will fall on the 13th day of the month? Must be an complete functioning program (not just a function/subroutine) Must print out date ...
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Percentage of work days in a month

Given a year and a month, find out the percentage of work days in said month. Work days are Monday through Friday with no regard to holidays or other special things. The Gregorian calendar is used. ...
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Permutations in Disguise

Given a \$n\$-dimensional vector \$v\$ with real entries, find a closest permutation \$p\$ of \$(1,2,...,n)\$ with respect to the \$l_1\$-distance. Details If it is more convenient, you can use ...
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Finding Gaps in Date Ranges

Given a list of date ranges r as input, output or return any ranges not found in r. For the sake of this example, input will be ...
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Who Took My Toilet Paper?

You step into the restroom, and notice that the toilet paper has missing! It occurs to you that someone had stolen it. Strangely enough, the first thing you would like to know is the amount of toilet ...
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