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number of answers and comments

Write a software that prints on stdout the number of answers and the number of comments(visible and collapsed of question and answers) of this question/page. Your script must run with this page ...
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Build interpreter for non-existent language

Build an interpreter for a fake, stack-based language that gets an input, interprets it, and outputs the result as an array of numbers. It should iterate through each byte and perform a different ...
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Anti-golfscript anti-golf: create a task where GolfScript or J is outgolfed by your (conventional) lang [closed]

You need to make three things: Statement of a task, T. Solution of the task in language not typically used for golfing, A. Solution of the task in language typically used for golfing, B. Don't try to ...
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Produce the number 2014 from an image [closed]

In the 2014 challenge, Michael Stern suggests using OCR to parse to 2014. I'd like to take this challenge in a different direction. Using built-in OCR from the language/standard library of your ...
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Calculate golden ratio

Write the shortest code, in number of bytes, to display, return, or evaluate to the golden ratio (that is, the positive root of the quadratic equation: \$x^2-x-1=0\$, approximately 1.618033988749895), ...
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Reimplementing square root [duplicate]

Define a function, s, which takes a number and returns the square root. No use of library functions, such as Java's Math.sqrt() or PHP's built in sqrt(), allowed.
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Code Golf Christmas Edition: How to print out a Christmas tree of height N

Given a number N, how can I print out a Christmas tree of height N using the least number of code characters? ...
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