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Print random characters indefinitely [duplicate]

Task Continuously print a random character (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) not separated by a newline (\n). Expected output ...
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Golf you a quine for great good!

Using your language of choice, golf a quine. A quine is a non-empty computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as its only output. No cheating -- that means ...
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Shortest infinite loop producing no output

Your task is to create the shortest infinite loop! The point of this challenge is to create an infinite loop producing no output, unlike its possible duplicate. The reason to this is because the code ...
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Implement a Truth-Machine

A truth-machine (credits goes to this guy for coming up with it) is a very simple program designed to demonstrate the I/O and control flow of a language. Here's what a truth-machine does: Gets a ...
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Tips for golfing in Python

What general tips do you have for golfing in Python? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and which are also at least somewhat specific to Python (e.g. "remove comments" is ...
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Shortest code to produce non-deterministic output

You need to produce output that is non-deterministic. In this case, this will be defined to mean that the output will not always be the same result. Rules: A pseudo-random number generator that ...
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Scream very loudly

Write a script that outputs A to stdout infinitely. There should be no newlines or separators between the characters. Standard loopholes apply. This is code-golf. ...
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Shortest code that raises a SIGSEGV

Write the shortest code that raises a Segmentation Fault (SIGSEGV) in any programming language.
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Let us take a break from the brain-wrecking questions and answer some of the simpler ones You have recently read something extremely funny, and want to express your laughter to the world! But how can ...
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Tips for golfing in PowerShell

What general tips do you have for golfing in Windows PowerShell? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to PowerShell (e.g. "...
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Ah, why is there a bug in my program?

This challenge is inspired by @LuisMendo's MATL answer to my "binary multiples" challenge. Task Pick a code-golf challenge that is open and that has been posted before this one; let me call it the "...
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The Staircase Challenge

Your work is to recreate this piece of art: ...
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Find the absolute value of a number without built-in functions [closed]

The challenge is to take any real number as input and output or return the absolute value. You may not use any built-in functions other than those dealing with input and output/returning. This is code ...
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Tips for golfing in QBasic

What general tips do you have for golfing in QBasic? I'm looking for ideas that can be applied to code golf problems in general that are at least somewhat specific to QBasic (e.g. "remove comments" is ...
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Build a golfing language with me

A lot of PPCG users helped with the creation of this challenge, both in chat and the Sandbox, specifically Martin Ender, AdmBorkBork, Emigna and user202729 Our community has found it necessary to ...
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