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String Shenanigans

Challenge In this challenge, you are to code in any language a program or function that will take a string and replace certain characters within it with different characters. Input The input is the ...
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Natural construction

The natural numbers including 0 are formally defined as sets, in the following way: Number 0 is defined as the empty set, {} For n ≥ 0, number n+1 is defined as n ∪ {n}. As a consequence, n = {0, 1, ...
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Find the substring with the most 1's in a sequence

Introduction I want to find the substring with the most 1's in a sequence of 0's and 1's. ...
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Primenary Strings

A Primenary (binary-prime) string is one which, when written as a binary grid, every row and column has a prime total. That's quite a vague explanation, so let's break it down with a worked example......
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Length of String Using Set Theory

From Wikipedia Set-theoretic definition of natural numbers The set N of natural numbers is defined as the smallest set containing 0 and closed under the successor function S defined by S(n) = n ∪ ...
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Lever Simulator 2015

Why a Simulator? Kids these days don't have the time nor the ambition to actually go and stack boxes on the see-saw or play around with balancing physical objects. This leaves lots of room in the ...
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PPCG Jeopardy: Robbers

How well do you know the site? Let's find out. This is a cops-and-robbers challenge. Cop's thread. As a robber, you need to: Find a non-deleted, non-closed challenge that matches a cop's ...
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Use xkcd's formula to approximate the world population

In xkcd 1047, Randall Munroe lists "slightly wrong" approximations of assorted quantities and numbers with varying precision and complexity, such as that the number of liters in a gallon is very close ...
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I am passive aggressive and want to insult my boss without him finding out

It's been a rough few months at work and I feel like I just want to scream right to my boss' face. I am, however, not one to directly confront people I have a problem with. I also don't want to lose ...
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Keep the unique characters down

It's very simple: Your program or function should generate the following text: ...
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Lifetime of a Worm

Terms A worm is any list of nonnegative integers, and its rightmost (i.e., last) element is called the head. If the head is not 0, the worm has an active segment consisting of the longest contiguous ...
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Can the maze be solved?

Task Print 0 if an n*m maze cannot be solved Print 1 if an n*m maze can be solved (in 1 or more ways) (so I'm not asking for ...
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"Convenient palindrome" checker

If you've ever tried to write palindromic code before, you'd know how much brackets tend to get in your way. ()() is not a palindrome, even though it kinda looks ...
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What's the Language?

Recently, the PPCG design leaderboard has been having some trouble parsing answer html headers. In this challenge you'll be taking your own shot at parsing answer headers. Example Test Cases These ...
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Diff compression [closed]

For this challenge, you need to compress a diff. A diff is some data that represents the difference between two strings. For this challenge, you need to provide one or more programs that can: Input ...
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