On Github, there is a list of the 10,000 most common passwords. I've also generated my own list of random passwords.

Your job is to identify the difference between the two lists (with 100% accuracy).

Therefore, your program needs to accept a string, and return:

  1. A truthy value if the password is on the common passwords list
  2. A falsy value if the password is on the random passwords list
  3. Anything you'd like if the password isn't on either

For those that are interested, my program generates passwords between 5-10 characters in length, and each character is either a lowercase letter or a digit.

Note: You should not use these passwords in anything secure. My generation algorithm is not secure at all, and the results are posted online for all to see

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    \$\begingroup\$ You've put the tag regular-expression but this doesn't seem to be necessary for the challenge? Did you intend for it to be? \$\endgroup\$ Feb 17, 2016 at 21:45
  • \$\begingroup\$ @FryAmTheEggman I'm assuming most answers are going to be regex, so I added it for those that are interested in such challenges. \$\endgroup\$ Feb 17, 2016 at 21:48
  • \$\begingroup\$ I'm slightly confused ... what's to prevent a short PowerShell like $args[0]-in(gc .\10k-passwords.txt)? Are we to come up with some sort of pattern that recognizes the one but not the other? \$\endgroup\$ Feb 17, 2016 at 21:49
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    \$\begingroup\$ @TimmyD if you use other files, then the byte count of those files are included in your score. \$\endgroup\$ Feb 17, 2016 at 21:50

4 Answers 4


CJam, 2262 908 620 512 503 bytes

0000000: 6c3a4c412c73277b2c39373e2b3a422d2c4c4c65752e3d65  l:LA,s'{,97>+:B-,LLeu.=e
0000018: 602c33653c5f333d5c5b513222011523a1d079937afebb7b  `,3e<_3=\[Q2"..#..y.z..{
0000030: 31a4ddf41a5e5038ef2aced9debeac5dc01fc4d27d809e0a  1....^P8.*.....]....}...
0000048: 2631e25b9e7d3314f1438f227b3235366233366242663d2f  &1.[.}3..C."{256b36bBf=/
0000060: 2b7d3a447e332205a4f76b4584be674d02001a36a250f949  +}:D~3"...kE..gM...6.P.I
0000078: 7bd0f1966deff2baab26a259813a0caa266155328064f0ee  {...m....&.Y.:..&aU2.d..
0000090: 20245dfab515c8faf39b08e80880c6e06c51728c57c153ec   $].............lQr.W.S.
00000a8: 9907a8365894bb8163bacd3a67173b50641c928f3ca87e89  ...6X...c..:g.;Pd...<.~.
00000c0: 81c1e95e5f049b61688fc7316e6a639876d00cdf4c01a100  ...^_..ah..1njc.v...L...
00000d8: 998bd12ccf3fb8ca61c89f5a57cedf8170b4b062653d947e  ...,.?..a..ZW...p..be=.~
00000f0: 9f6d5ba729db151b79151ae044cd6416274c73110e777172  .m[.)...y...D.d.'Ls..wqr
0000108: 22445132220133e9dcda9e224435224dc7621a0ae9224433  "DQ2".3...."D5"M.b..."D3
0000120: 220980cb1f885db429b742f47062cc1190767d82e6e956b7  ".....].).B.pb...v}...V.
0000138: 1de25dd9c2be7bf5224451322201c9167dd15a8c8cdd110f  ..]...{."DQ2"...}.Z.....
0000150: e956678cd6467ed95c22d7700c1d37a5b1ad94d3b3a3531e  .Vg..F~.\".p..7.......S.
0000168: 639ba99f27cde7e9c81c686adb874d6d5ac411d8d5e44363  c...'.....hj..MmZ.....Cc
0000180: deff8759ed48c97a32b5eeed5ef23be112773a0e0454e6a5  ...Y.H.z2...^.;..w:..T..
0000198: d064d43adf998c7050910c723616dccb5874a8b3640e39e0  .d.:...pP..r6...Xt..d.9.
00001b0: b7545841c7b3152d13ab3e83857530313cb737c799837a4b  .TXA...-..>..u01<.7...zK
00001c8: 396a39e68c9722443322d87648012832adde4e33e27615e2  9j9..."D3".vH.(2..N3.v..
00001e0: 4b6bf7e94bec9022445d3d7b4c5c23297d253a2b215e7c    Kk..K.."D]={L\#)}%:+!^|

This prints a positive integer for common passwords and zero for others.


$ xxd -c 24 -g 24 testall.cjam
0000000: 714e257b3a4c412c73277b2c39373e2b3a422d2c4c4c6575  qN%{:LA,s'{,97>+:B-,LLeu
0000018: 2e3d65602c33653c5f333d5c5b513222011523a1d079937a  .=e`,3e<_3=\[Q2"..#..y.z
0000030: febb7b31a4ddf41a5e5038ef2aced9debeac5dc01fc4d27d  ..{1....^P8.*.....]....}
0000048: 809e0a2631e25b9e7d3314f1438f227b3235366233366242  ...&1.[.}3..C."{256b36bB
0000060: 663d2f2b7d3a447e332205a4f76b4584be674d02001a36a2  f=/+}:D~3"...kE..gM...6.
0000078: 50f9497bd0f1966deff2baab26a259813a0caa2661553280  P.I{...m....&.Y.:..&aU2.
0000090: 64f0ee20245dfab515c8faf39b08e80880c6e06c51728c57  d.. $].............lQr.W
00000a8: c153ec9907a8365894bb8163bacd3a67173b50641c928f3c  .S....6X...c..:g.;Pd...<
00000c0: a87e8981c1e95e5f049b61688fc7316e6a639876d00cdf4c  .~....^_..ah..1njc.v...L
00000d8: 01a100998bd12ccf3fb8ca61c89f5a57cedf8170b4b06265  ......,.?..a..ZW...p..be
00000f0: 3d947e9f6d5ba729db151b79151ae044cd6416274c73110e  =.~.m[.)...y...D.d.'Ls..
0000108: 77717222445132220133e9dcda9e224435224dc7621a0ae9  wqr"DQ2".3...."D5"M.b...
0000120: 224433220980cb1f885db429b742f47062cc1190767d82e6  "D3".....].).B.pb...v}..
0000138: e956b71de25dd9c2be7bf5224451322201c9167dd15a8c8c  .V...]...{."DQ2"...}.Z..
0000150: dd110fe956678cd6467ed95c22d7700c1d37a5b1ad94d3b3  ....Vg..F~.\".p..7......
0000168: a3531e639ba99f27cde7e9c81c686adb874d6d5ac411d8d5  .S.c...'.....hj..MmZ....
0000180: e44363deff8759ed48c97a32b5eeed5ef23be112773a0e04  .Cc...Y.H.z2...^.;..w:..
0000198: 54e6a5d064d43adf998c7050910c723616dccb5874a8b364  T...d.:...pP..r6...Xt..d
00001b0: 0e39e0b7545841c7b3152d13ab3e83857530313cb737c799  .9..TXA...-..>..u01<.7..
00001c8: 837a4b396a39e68c9722443322d87648012832adde4e33e2  .zK9j9..."D3".vH.(2..N3.
00001e0: 7615e24b6bf7e94bec9022445d3d7b4c5c23297d253a2b21  v..Kk..K.."D]={L\#)}%:+!
00001f8: 5e7c7d2524656070                                  ^|}%$e`p
$ echo $LANG
$ cjam testall.cjam < 10k-common-passwords.txt
[[9989 1] [4 2] [2 3] [3 5] [2 7]]
$ cjam testall.cjam < generated_passwords.txt
[[1000 0]]
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    \$\begingroup\$ Whatever it is, I like it. +1 \$\endgroup\$ Feb 18, 2016 at 11:56
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    \$\begingroup\$ Would you mind explaining roughly what the thinking is behind this? \$\endgroup\$
    – A Simmons
    Feb 18, 2016 at 14:50
  • \$\begingroup\$ @ASimmons After filtering non-alphanumeric passwords, I'm counting the number of groups of letters or digits. If there are two or less, it's probably common; if there are three or more, it's probably random. That misclassifies over 300 passwords, which are hardcoded in the unprintable strings. I'll provide a detailed explanation once I'm satisfied with my score. \$\endgroup\$
    – Dennis
    Feb 18, 2016 at 14:55

Python, 719 664 bytes

import re
lambda s:re.search(r"(?!.*([xvonkj]0|p[9q5]|i2|q[4rt]|xk|m8|jp|jg|4k|2n|0b|y.[xj7]|mnw|c.3|7.2|4wu|061|zt[ub]|r6[d8]|o.0|jd[be]|j[wz]o|hk[cj]|^(wb|wd|v3|ub|s2|s1|pb|ml|j5|hv|h1|g8|g6|ft|f4|94|0t)|(we|ha|93|80)4|(xj|x5|03|qa|fz|w)9|3[65]0|zbx|(w.|v|o.?|54)7|[th]82|ssg|g(lc|ij|v|1[34]|bx|bk)|wvf|uax|mss|uhl|306|4.[mr]|9p|rob$))^.*((^([14]?\D+|\D*\d+|\d{3}\D{5}|(?=^\D*\d\D*$).{6}|\D+4\D+|[1-4a-eqwr]+)|sx|[ekru]s|t4u|zx|[avy]y|x[prs]|w[mp2]|uz|tp|tn|sc|qq|qj|p[mov]|r[deq]|oo|n[4tu]|me|k[23c]|jf|[2ag]t|ed|bq|a1|3r|5g)$|\W|123|^(nc|tr|w0|sa|rj|q[bnqu]|ni|mo|mw|le|kc|ib|hz|g9|f0|cb|b9|8d|7k|6u|5w|3m|1q)|z.g|bo|em|x35|t.d|p.o|p39|mar|ki4|id8|ebk|53x)",s)

I'm having a bit of trouble testing this in Retina, so here's Python for now. Test by giving the lambda a name and running it on the word lists:

>>> len([x for x in common if f(x)])
>>> len([x for x in generated if f(x)])

It's a very large regex, so I'm taking a break from golfing it for a bit.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Compressing this might actually be better than switching to Retina, but I'm having trouble getting the compression working. \$\endgroup\$
    – Sp3000
    Feb 18, 2016 at 8:43

Bash - 5324 bytes

gunzip -c rp.gz|grep $1|wc -l

where rp.gz is located at http://dl.tyzoid.com/rp.gz

This returns 1 if on the random list. This is falsy, as bash evalutes 0 as a truty value.

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    \$\begingroup\$ Rename rp.gz to a 1-byte filename to save 4 bytes... \$\endgroup\$
    – Doorknob
    Feb 18, 2016 at 1:51
  • 1
    \$\begingroup\$ @Doorknob: And save, what? .08%? Seems like a micro-optimization where the solution itself is clunky at best. \$\endgroup\$
    – Tyzoid
    Feb 18, 2016 at 3:21
  • \$\begingroup\$ xz seems better for this use case. Smaller command and higher compression ratio afaik. \$\endgroup\$
    – Sebb
    Feb 18, 2016 at 7:22
  • \$\begingroup\$ No need for separate gunzip and grep, also no need for wc: zgrep -c $1 rp.gz. Also micro-optimiztion, but xz compresses insignificantly better. By the way, wouldn't be better to use -x (--line-regexp) or -w (--word-regexp) to not match word fragments? \$\endgroup\$
    – manatwork
    Feb 18, 2016 at 9:50
  • \$\begingroup\$ Something like sort rpass.txt | 7z -si -mx=9 a r.gz should give you a shave off of about 480 bytes ... \$\endgroup\$
    – Runium
    Feb 19, 2016 at 1:19

Haskell, 8047 bytes

main=interact$show.flip notElem(words"viy130k57 d69z0 iz7q4d u26q3h 4mr6bhwa4 d36p5d 83554s 70r310py dz3js3 i1w86i0 2c4bk9 26w4kg52 u8i1g22ge 86k4br 875orut1 kw5786758 4k87v nfi5f2h9 x303978 43r4qb 963lnbs h5c1vq6s2 0iyv53vr2 nf5tmbp8 31ieq5xlh 9b450m ohv69d 5297m29 jvsxd20k fuha432 o8i84sh mss63 56vl8kzv8 73hh251 zr3r3zph 5f195v3kq 4o224g8 yi3y1lgi7 5ihcc t1krtr8w6 g7x9cuv4 128ov7 10adfe9 1p3lw 2523v xpj3h6z w2546kzx5 4042nle 0vv7i7ng xxzmf5vl efh601zby 19i0o63 8l20191 xm7e96pl 691p7m3p2 ksx29c2q3 auhli 7jq5e9e 786wo1q 1gwiaj7y8 3r19f26 x2nnr7 3u235s 076zr95m xzr32d 0lo70 v6o391 72pm08fo 79p1v9 uw98b 9mh7q3 2mh6bz a4qqw8d zve8z 790gkwc t975y 7d206t06 0zkvd9q0e y0cb34 9tltcs41w 079bp2y lwk12f 58gz4p 7lrkl io89he175 49dcu m2qg1 1ic76l kt9k9525i 6jwd8 4m9xwe86 3212janr r694ax 2raflx7s s26km575 n0z3hsdhj 9zl3x5 88c96968n 1lbw1v 20kri 799934a91 6c51846 61o78mjun 3d1yn 13113u8ev z22n5ni 0jxuc 79zwnl3tx xv4h4kz7 001n9 2u0f2 8msf6t g83r6v 81j4tt5e 20ucmaf j576783 v64ar 3u16pj83p r817zu6d xgc63 4y1rpo0 031606p 43q08m3x 1sg237d1n dt85c vg30a u4ge5t 4bv27l432 0612939 8glq6zo g64m0r4 593erv6 962a24u 94rop d28fs6k xy78efw3 yd0kyj1 y02rl 3n21q esg5y9m9 8408qpscw 5lapn9k26 4x1k27 7mb8054 4s1x7olv5 10s7726 00eib 84pu58e6 505l3s6 ldgx9e7d hv4d6u56s 5ren77w uf6pmf2 0sfum 1ik8mx vzqtj77 cvjc1ta us90844jb 84r0d4td plab52n 7946vj4l7 qy5gjtr 49lpq 4w49fm 44y0rh472 07jt8 1tju72 q0733u1 375ojd0 1t28s9ag1 ppj60t704 wi67b877 jgrrh388 ftvu98 h214l3x 3nirvrdu mrg14 52s65y 9f587 2629v os80p7 3h89mqk xt5845q9m 68h53w 8b3309g 16967k 38356nk 34oyt he3v5vn2 m1g2c8 8n324x6 2by0e7x 1a4mit7 ge91p60y b170o 9v5rys 6wq3959ue ed9u3 kd4wy1 c853gz k56gel09h 789ygx5pk 1f9f2 84fxtdx d02fdz9i 6gj4i4 6p8jtsax 3v38hkcs2 80090i 8084xb4m c4xv4x79 pilbux017 9m193zg5 qwq5o6x5 90cw69n96 n237351i cm40sj1x 3727d9p q0x74ityn 3ez6679 t7vs045 r7jg22xyr 3z34a96 miu8lm62 cpzjf226u vb2545x 4f9qg7sdq 2rf6t kq0ixi32n rjdeuj g8x5p3 d776c 4x1385 830nug s1tysl o679090 93kgz18 91pu8l n05i73 mdmq4c 31her5 6r10e0il i02np063 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This seems to be the best that I can figure out without breaking out compression algorithms, and none of the languages I like to use really have a brief built-in compression method.

The "algorithm" is extremely simple; check if it's in the list of random passwords and return False if it is and True if it isn't.


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